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October 30, 2017


AdminOct 30, 2017
Wamena, Jubi – The deaths of dozens of people in Samenage District, Yahukimo Regency, Papua, during the period of January to October 2017, indicated a violation of human rights.

Deaths due to the absence of health services and mysterious illnesses are subject to catastrophes in economic, social and cultural (Ecosob).

“After seeing and hearing initial report related to this case, Komnas HAM (Human Right Commission) of Papua sees there are indication of human rights violations in the field of Ekosob,” said Nareki Kogoya, Komnas HAM staff member, Papua representative in Wamena, Saturday (October 28).

He explains that himself, who is stil in Wamena at the moment, is trying to proceed to Samenage, but is constrained by transportation. “We saw in Samenage after receiving reports from people and churches that education, health, economics did not work properly there,” Kogoya said, adding.

According to him, based on law number 39 of 1999 on human rights, article 8 explains that protecting, upholding and promoting human rights is the responsibility of the government. He thus assessed the case of the deaths of dozens of people in Samenage District, Yahukimo, as the government’s failure to protect the rights of citizens.

There are indications from temporary findings there are alleged violations of human rights in the economic, social and cultural fields systematically,” Kogoya explained.

Komnas HAM Papuan representative hopes that there will be a definite step to rescue the community in Samenage, because people there have no hope for the future. This is evidenced by education, health and the economy is not going well.

Father Jhon Djonga said he was dealing with the Samenage community with malnutrition. “There are two teams sent to the area, both health workers from Yahukimo regency’s government and Papua province,” said Jhon.

Recorded on Friday 27 October 2017 the team assigned for a week at Samenage has returned. They were two doctors and one health officer from Yahukimo and one doctor and two nurses from the province,” he said.

He happened to be with the team, but currently only can notify the public that the team has returned from Samenage who previously monitored, serving the treatment there. Jhon said the team has not been able to issue an accurate report on the results of medical examination of citizens.

He hopes the team can deliver a report from a one-week observation in Samenage as well as the results of discussions with the various groups there.

Based on his report, there were 64 people died in the period of January to October 2017.(

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