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Summary of events in West Papua for May 2017

June 6, 2017

Summary of events in West Papua for May 2017

If the month began with the arrest of up to 200 people by the Indonesian police on the 1st May in Sentani, it ended with the arrest of 77 members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in Merauke on the 31 May. The police arrived at the KNPB secretariat in a truck and four patrol cars and arrested those present. Although in a new twist on language the police said the KNPB activists were not arrested but were “gathered and directed”. According to a KNPB spokesperson the police came to investigate the ongoing activists at the secretariat, as the KNPB was not a registered organisation. The activists were eventually released but personal belongs and items with the Morning Star symbol were confiscated………

87img20170531wa0014-1.jpeg Summary of events in West Papua for May 2017
Australia West Papua Association (Sydney) PO Box 28, Spit Junction, NSW 20…

Civil Liberty Defenders: Stop All Intimidation and Arrest Against Papuans

June 3, 2017

Civil Liberty Defenders: Stop All Intimidation and Arrest Against Papuans

Suara Papua

June 3, 2017

Indonesian colonial policeman as he stunned the KNPB and PRD secretariats in Timika. (Dok KNPB Timika)

JAYAPURA, – Human rights lawyers who are members of the Civil Liberty Defenders, Press Legal Aid Institute (LBH Pers), and Yayasan Satu Keadilan (YSK) condemn the arrest and dissolution of worship activities in Timika and intimidation in Wamena, Jayawijaya, Tuesday (5/30/2017).

"In addition, we also denounce mass arrests in Merauke today. These three successive incidents were carried out by the security forces against the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB), the most persecuted organization in Papua today, "according to a press release in Jakarta, May 31, 2017.

In addition to urging Mimika Police Chief to immediately stop the case and release Yanto Awerkion from detention at Mimika Police Station, Civil Liberty Defenders also urged the Papua Police Chief, West Papua Police Chief, and Chief of Police to stop all arbitrary intimidation and arrest of Papuan people who seek to exercise the right of freedom Opinion, expression, and assembly.

"President Jokowi must ensure protection for the exercise of freedom of expression and assembly of KNPB and the entire Papuan community," he demanded.

Data collected by Civil Liberty Defenders, LBH Pers and YSK, combined personnel of Mimika Resort Police together with TNI conducted arbitrary arrest of Yanto Awerkion as chairman of 1 KNPB Timika on Tuesday morning. The arrests were made when KNPB was doing a prayer together in their office. The event was also later forcibly dissolved.

"Yanto Awerkion is subject to Article 106 of the Criminal Code on criminal acts of treason. In addition to the arrest of Yanto, six other people were also interrogated for about two hours which we consider to be a form of intimidation. "

Tigor Hutapea, Asep Komarudin and Syamsul Alam in press releases affirm that the main elements of the makar chapter require the element of violence to fulfill the element of the article.

"There is no element of violence in the worship event at his own office in this case. Article makar was again abused to silence expressions, this time in the form of worship, against the Papuans. Therefore, the imposition of a rebellion article against Yanto Awerkion violates Article 28 E Paragraph (2) and (3) of the 1945 Constitution and Article 24 paragraph (1) and (2) of Law no. 39 of 1999 on Human Rights, "he explained.

In addition, on Tuesday (30/5/2017) there was also intimidation at the KNPB secretariat office in Wamena. "The security apparatus went to the secretariat to inquire about the activities to be performed. Although no activity is going to be done, we think that this form of intimidation is inappropriate, discriminatory and violates the constitutional right to assemble. "

A day later, Wednesday (31/05/2017), human rights lawyers also mentioned the report of the arrest of 77 people in Merauke.

"The board and members of the KNPB and the local People’s Parliament (PRD) who were arrested at the time were conducting a thanksgiving prayer in their secretariat when the dissolution and arrest occurred. Although they have all been released in the afternoon, we continue to denounce this arbitrary act as a violation of the constitutional right to freedom of religion and belief, freedom of assembly and freedom of expression, "he wrote in a press release.

Pewarta: CR-3 / SP

Editor: Arnold Belau

Writing for Rights: Human Rights Documentation from the Land of Papua

June 2, 2017

Press coverage
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Writing for Rights: Human Rights Documentation from the Land of Papua

The Indonesian NGO ELSAM (Institute for Research Policy and Advocacy) has made the book Writing for Rights: Human Rights Documentation from the Land of Papua available for free download on their website at

Writing for Rights is an English translation of a research compilation from Human Rights Defenders working at the grassroots level to improve the human rights situation in Papua, on the eastern edge of the Indonesian archipelago. The six contributors are all alumni of the Basic Course for Human Rights Defenders, a collaborative project between ELSAM and Peace Brigades International to build capacity among HRDs working in remote Indonesian regions dealing with natural resource conflicts. The compilation examines daily issues faced by Papuans through a human rights lens. Topics covered include the expansion of palm oil, market access for indigenous women, criminalization of protest and related issues with case studies from Sorong, Merauke and Jayapura.

All ELSAM publications are dedicated to victims of human rights violations, in addition to being part of the effort to promote and protect human rights in Indonesia. The original Indonesian version of the book (Pembela HAM Menulis: Bunga Rampai Pendokumentasian HAM di Tanah Papua) can also be accessed through the ELSAM website at

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A total of 77 members and managers of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Merauke and two managers of the National Governing Body KNPB police arrested Resort Merauke

May 31, 2017

After the appointment of a new manager, KNPB Merauke arrested
Wednesday, May 31, 2017 – 18:52
Jubi | News Portal Papua No. 1:

The atmosphere of KNPB Merauke / Almaso secretariat when visited by Merauke Resort Police officers who arrested 77 members of KNPB – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – A total of 77 members and managers of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Merauke and two managers of the National Governing Body KNPB police arrested Resort Merauke using one truck and four patrol cars Dalmas, Wednesday (31/05/2017) at around 11 am local time, at the Secretary of KNPB Merauke in sheep Street 4. Rimba Jaya, Merauke.

"The arrest took place at 11 noon in Merauke on the activities in the secretariat. All mass is lifted into a large car Dalmas, four patrol cars, including the Board and the masses who follow the activities of the existing 77 people. Even a 3-year-old children participated brought, "said Mecky Yeimo, the Management Board KNPB Center via telephone connection to the Jubi, Wednesday (05/31/2017).

Mecky that when contact was in Merauke District Police Office said there were five members who are being questioned by police in the Police Investigation Unit. They are Charles Braun was elected as chairman, Emanuel Metemko, Novaris Wopai, Mother Pankresia Yem and Marius Yandum.

Novaris Wopai, general secretary KNPB Merauke region or regions Almaso in his statement to the Jubi said after the interrogation, the police asking questions about the activities they did that morning.

"They ask your name, department, activity started at what time, and fill out their activities just about anything, after that they asked what the purpose of it. I know that this activity within the framework of the strengthening of the management board of the new. They also asked what the vision and mission of KNPB, and I say generally we fight for the right to self-determination through a referendum, "said Novaris via phone connection.

Mecky Yeimo of evidence, police made arrests in the Secretariat at around 11 because KNPB is an organization that is not registered in Kesbangpol. "So (the arrest) is not a matter of consent, because we’re done making the appointment, until the closing prayer, they just come," Becky said.

He continued that the security forces have taken too much time to the secretariat to bring the masses to Merauke police.

"They forced participants to undress BK (Morning Star), camshaft-camshaft symbol BK were also seized, they even remove the words are not good (gross) when performing a search of the office. The police mass also pulled a forced entry into the room to be interrogated by detectives Merauke , "said Becky.

The man who first interrogated, he said, are the ones who use the clothes of the Morning Star, while others examined from head to toenails, "noken also all checked and carry-in, HP-hp disita.k

The appointment of the governing body or the Merauke region they call KNPB Almaso region is the internal organization after selecting managers through conference Merauke region.

"It’s in the office of its own activities in the sector Sheep, if we did open the outside certainly we give notice. This action is not a rule, too forced, but for us, this is just a test of mental struggle just to KNPB in Merauke, firmly Mecky.

Merauke Police Chief: We are trying to dig out

Bahara AKBP Marpaung, Merauke police chief who had just served a one week AKBP aroused replace Irpan Awaludin, confirmed the arrests to 77 people. But he refused to call the capture.

"Not caught, but we coordinate it first what their purpose gather and formalize the organizational structure which they claimed KNPB in Merauke. So we’re still trying to dig out of it. And then we also associate later with evidence and clues what we get, "the statement when contacted by police chief Bahara Marpaung Jubi (31/5) via a telephone connection.

According to him the number of people who "collected" and "directed" is around 72-73 people, and it is a normal procedure. "This is a normal procedure, but later on we will evaluate the results of the interrogation, comes down to it and we associate with existing evidence, we conclude new later," he said.

Regarding the evidence in question, and what violations committed by members of KNPB, police chief could not give evidence because it is still waiting for the remote interrogation and examination.

"It is precisely here that we are looking for evidence that we can make the user if later we like (use) for mempersangkakan one, now the evidence that we get just banner appointment KNPB and prayer time. If the preliminary evidence is sufficient will we fine directing . So this is not enough, is still in the research process, we see the results of his interrogation, "says Bahara Marpaung.

Until news written by some members of the police chief KNPB already they return. "Now we have some return, some still "But our personal belongings confiscated by the Police apparatus are not returned by them, just hp," Mecky said.

However, based on the information Jubi obtained from the Governing Body of KNPB, until 18:00 local time, the 77 people have been released.


May 30, 2017



By Kendall Hutt
May 30, 2017

By Kendall Hutt in Auckland

Political support in New Zealand for an independent West Papua is growing after a “historic declaration” was signed during free West Papua advocate Benny Wenda’s visit to the country this month.

Several politicians from across four political parties signed the Westminster Declaration, which calls for West Papua’s right to self-determination to be legally recognised through a vote.

Green MP Catherine Delahunty – who has been a vocal supporter of West Papuan independence throughout her political career – told Asia Pacific Report the meeting at Parliament by the IPWP was “amazing”.

“We had a really amazing evening at Parliament with the Westminster Declaration. We had a number of MP’s – nine MP’s on the night – including others subsequently signing the declaration, which as you know calls for a referendum, supervised independently by the UN for West Papuans to talk about and identify their views on self-determination.

“That was a really powerful moment. Benny said it’s very important for him travelling the world that he can actually meet the politicians and that the politicians actually – from a number of parties in this case – and sign up to the declaration.”

West Papua was controversially incorporated into Indonesia through a so-called “Act of Free Choice” in 1969 – only 1,026 selected West Papuans out of a population of 800,000 voted to become a part of the country – under duress.

In 2016, politicians from across the globe signed the declaration, first launched in the United Kingdom by Labour leader and co-founder of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP), Jeremy Corbyn.

11 MPs signed up
Eleven members of Parliament from across four political parties – Greens, Labour, National and the Māori Party – have signed the declaration.

Green MPs Catherine Delahunty, Barry Coates, Mojo Mathers, Jan Logie and Steffan Browning have signed, along with Labour MPs Louisa Wall, Carmel Sepuloni, Adrian Rurawhe and National MP Chester Burrows.

Co-leader of the Māori Party Marama Fox and Labour MP Aupito S’ua William Sio have also signed.

Delahunty is certain this number will grow, as the declaration is now circulating through caucus, she said.

“Not everyone could make the event, but there are people who are keen to sign up.”

However, National MP Chester Burrows was the only member of National to sign the declaration, reaffirming Delahunty’s belief a change of government is needed for the issues in West Papua to truly gain traction politically.
“It’s frustrating because dreadful things are happening everyday and we’re not getting the political leaders of this country to take it seriously in the government.”

This is because support of West Papua would not come from National, Delahunty said, although she is hopeful.

‘Real core of support’
“We have got a real core of support for that declaration from across the House. Of course we haven’t got the government’s political support, but that’s what we’re working on.”

Delahunty said the rest of Benny Wenda’s visit to New Zealand was also “very lively”.

“In dire weather conditions, about 30 people marched to the Indonesian embassy. For the first time the embassy – the Indonesian officials – actually came out.

They came out to tell us we were wrong about our views and to hand out propaganda to the university students about how everything is great in West Papua and that West Papuans are leading their own country.

“I challenged them back pretty hard … that was quite a lively experience.”

Speaking with Asia Pacific Report earlier this month, Benny Wenda said the purpose of his visit to New Zealand was to hopefully gain the country’s commitment to West Papua independence:

“West Papua’s hope is Australia and New Zealand. This is a regional issue, this will never go away from your eyes and this is something you need to look at today. Review your foreign policy and look at West Papua.”

During his visit, Wenda also met with Ngāti Whatua, unions, aid agencies, and students while in Wellington, echoing the solidarity found at his talk in Auckland, organised by the Pacific Media Centre.

“There was a very powerful dialogue with some young Pasifika and Māori students, and some young people expressing their support,” Delahunty said.

“I think it was useful and consolidated a lot of relationships, Benny being here. I think it helped us ride a wave of growing awareness which is slow, but steady, and we do see more and more people taking stock of this issue.”


TUESDAY, 30 MAY, 2017 | 14:02 WIB
2) Locals Committed to Protecting Dugong in Raja Ampat

TEMPO.CO, Sorong – Indigenous people in Aduwei village in Raja Ampat, West Papua are committed to protecting dugongs.

Adewei village chief Karel Fatot said that dugongs are easily found in the waters off the village. “Indigenous people are protecting dugongs and other marine species with a tradition the locals call Sasi,” he said yesterday, May 29, in Sorong.

He explained that Sasi is a traditional prohibition on catching dugongs and fish in the waters off the village. “People may only catch fish in the waters off the village after the Sasi period ends or Sasi is revoked. Sasi typically applies for six months in a year,” he said.

According to him, people may catch fish after the end of Sasi period but may not hunt dugongs.

Locals protect dugongs because the animals attract tourists.

He said that Aduwei village in Raja Ampat boasts a beautiful marine attraction and tourists can easily interact with dugongs. He, however, bemoaned the lack of transport modes in the area and marketing campaign to draw visitors.



AdminMay 30, 2017

Sorong, Jubi – Illegal liquors seller named Frengky aka Ongko Botak who operates in Rufey, West Sorong District, Sorong City, West Papua province claimed to be backed up by Reskrim Polres Sorong Kota in selling unlicensed liquors.

According to him, he has not yet extinguished the liquors sales permit because he is still waiting for the inauguration process of Sorong’s mayor.

He suggested that journalist may ask the sales permit to head of criminal resort division (Kasat Reskrim) of Sorong Kota Police. Because he only conducting his activities according to the instructions of the Kasat.

“If the reporters want to talk and confirm it, then wait for me to check and ask the Kasat, because that is the order,” said Ongko Sunday (May 28).

Head of Criminal Sorong Police, AKP Fernando Saragih when confirmed separately claimed he never ordered as alleged by illegal liquors seller. He argued that the statement was incorrect.

“That is not true. I never ordered things like that,” he said. (*)

AdminMay 30, 2017

Jayapura, Jubi – Member of Commission I Papua House of Representatives, in charge of government, politics, law and human rights, Laurenzus Kadepa supported the Regent of Jayapura, Mathius Awoitauw in demonstrating his commitment to combat liquors in his region.

He said the commitment of governemnt to eradicate circulation of liquors should be followed by other regional governments in Papua. In disciplining the circulation of alcohol, Jayapura Regency Government involves various related parties. Cooperation among stakeholders is important to succeed target policy in the region.

“This is one of the leaders’ attitudes, implementing the existing rules, Jayapura Regent does not say much but focuses on his actions. Since he took office he has never issued alcohol license. Last year despite the pro and cons, he dared to close Tanjung Elmo localization,” said Kadepa Sunday (May 28).

The regent of Jayapura, Mathius Awoitauw and related parties, destroyed thousands of bottles of alcoholic drinks, drugs and other illegal goods on Jayapura Regent Office yard last Friday (May 26).

Thousands of bottles of alcoholic drinks, drugs and number of other illegal goods were confiscated by the authority of Airport Terminal Klas 1A Sentani during the last six months.

The Regent of Jayapura, Mathius Awoitauw, said, in order to suppress the circulation of alcohol in his region since he took office five years ago, he did not issue any permission to alcoholic sellers.

“But in fact, some still sell illegally. To prevent this, we continue to intensify the raids to locations suspected of selling. We also continue to make an appeal to stop the sale of alcohol, “said Awoitauw. (*)


5) Benny Wenda accuses Indonesian police of torturing Papuan official
By Pacific Media Watch
May 30, 2017

Police in Indonesia are facing allegations of torture from West Papuan independence leaders after a prominent human rights commissioner was beaten by police.

A statement by the Office of Benny Wenda, co-founder of the Free West Papua Campaign, detailed how Nareki Kogoya, of the National Human Rights Commission (KOMNAS HAM), was tortured until he was “covered in blood”.

It is alleged Indonesian police tortured Kogoya following a search of his home on May 18, 2017 in Jayapura.

Kogoya was then driven to the police station where he was interrogated, Wenda stated.

If Kogoya repeated his “ordeal” he would be charged, police allegedly threatened.

Tabloid Jubi also reported the alleged torture, stating it had been carried out after Kogoya attempted to defend several “kids” accused of murdering a local lecturer.

“I said, I’ll help them, I’m guarding them, and I don’t want them to get hit,” Kogoya said.

‘Intimidated and terrorised’
Tabloid Jubi reports Kogoya’s lip was wounded in a beating which took place in a police car.

“I feel intimidated and terrorised,” Kogoya has said of his ordeal.

“It brings more heartache, tears and sadness for the people of West Papua to learn that another innocent West Papuan person has been brutally tortured by the Indonesian police,” Wenda said.

“This horrible torture of a very well-known human rights figure in West Papua shows that the Indonesian police and military have no respect for West Papuan human rights whatsoever.”

Wenda claimed the Indonesian military and police treated West Papuans as “subhuman” and “animals” because of the colour of their skin.

Wenda has since questioned what Kogoya’s treatment – who represents West Papua in the Indonesian Human Rights Commission – means for his fellow Papuans.

“If this is how representatives of government agencies are treated in the capital city of West Papua, what about ordinary people? What about activists? What about the people in the villages whose stories never get told, who are killed by the Indonesian military and police like animals with no media attention?”

Tortured for days
Wenda said Kogoya’s alleged torture further demonstrates that Indonesia is not complying with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

“There is no freedom of expression, freedom of press or freedom of assembly; there is NO freedom in occupied West Papua.”

Ursula Florence of Rappler reports a pre-trial involving three Tangerang City residents, who admitted to being tortured by police investigators, failed to proceed on May 29, 2017. The victims, referred only to as Herianto, Aris and Bihin, were allegedly “subjected to torture for days” after being accused of multiple thefts.

Rappler reported the victims were beaten and their genitals mutilated.

Papua’s massive Grasberg mine is hit by further strike action

May 28, 2017

eight_col_mine.jpg?1493670577 Papua’s massive Grasberg mine is hit by further strike action
Production has been hit at the massive Grasberg mine in Indonesia’s Papua province as more than 9,000 workers stage an extended strike.

Papua’s massive Grasberg mine is hit by further strike action
6 minutes ago
Production has been hit at the massive Grasberg mine in Indonesia’s Papua province as more than 9,000 workers stage an extended strike.
The mine’s owner, Freeport McMoRan, also says a "large number" of the absentee workers are deemed to have resigned.
Meanwhile, the striking miners, angry at the American company’s decision to lay off thousands of workers, have agreed to extend their industrial action for a second month.
Freeport deems the strike illegal, and had followed through on a threat to take disciplinary action against absenteeism, considering staff who are absent for more than five days to have resigned.
A Freeport spokesperson told Reuters it was trying to mitigate the strike’s effect on mining and milling rates, which it did not quantify, by re-allocating resources and training additional workers.
The strike was a further disruption for Freeport, which had lost hundreds of millions of dollars in a protracted dispute with the Indonesian government over new mining laws.
Copper concentrate exports had only resumed late last month, when the strike began.

West Papuan human rights commissioner tortured and threatened by the Indonesian police

May 27, 2017

pizap.com14956596503151-1-150x150.jpg West Papuan human rights commissioner tortured and threatened by the Indonesian police

West Papuan human rights commissioner tortured and threatened by the Indonesian police
MAY 26, 2017

It brings more heartache, tears and sadness for the people of West Papua to learn that another innocent West Papuan person has been brutally tortured by the Indonesian police. Nareki Kogoya is a well known West Papuan human rights commissioner working for the National Human Rights Commission (KOMNAS HAM).
On 18th May, his house was searched by the Indonesian police who tortured him until he was covered in blood, drove him to the police station and interrogated him. He was then told that if he reported his ordeal, he would be charged. This horrible torture of a very well known human rights figure in West Papua shows that the Indonesian police and military have no respect for West Papuan human rights whatsoever.

They look upon us as subhuman because of the colour of our skin. We are not animals, we are West Papuan people.

This is a man who actually represents West Papua in the Indonesian National Human Rights Commission. If this is how representatives of government agencies are treated in the capital city of West Papua, what about ordinary people? What about activists? What about the people in the villages whose stories never get told, who are killed by the Indonesian military and police like animals with no media attention?

In West Papua, it doesn’t mater if you are a peaceful protester, a journalist, a human rights commissioner or an ordinary person on the street; anyone can be the next person to be arrested, tortured and killed by the Indonesian military and police.

We need to urgently alert the world. This is what Indonesia’s so called “democracy” looks like in colonial, occupied West Papua. There is no democracy for the people of West Papua and nor will there ever be until we are allowed to freely exercise our fundamental right to self-determination in an Internationally Supervised Vote. Our strengthen and resolve for this fundamental right only grows stronger every day. People living under colonialism never experience true democracy until they are free.

I must state that all that the Indonesian government has claimed about human rights and democracy in West Papua is FALSE and everything that they have claimed about resolving past cases in West Papua is FALSE. Every day, West Papuan people are persecuted and have our human rights violated by the Indonesian government. Over 500,000 people have already been killed in this Neglected Genocide.

The torture of Nareki Kogoya then, is more evidence that the Indonesian government is not complying to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There is no freedom of expression, freedom of press or freedom of assembly; there is NO freedom in occupied West Papua.

On behalf of the people of West Papua, I appeal to the world and people everywhere including at a parliamentary level to urgently please look to the deteriorating human rights situation in occupied West Papua and to immediately Take Action to help to stop this ongoing Neglected Genocide.

If the Indonesian government is serious about human rights in West Papua, they must allow full access to human rights inspectors, foreign journalists and other international observers. We want to live as good neighbours with Indonesia when we are free. If the Indonesian government is serious about peace, democracy and international law, they MUST allow the people of West Papua to exercise our fundamental right to self-determination in an Internationally Supervised Vote.

We desperately need more international support before it is too late. Please support the people of West Papua and our fundamental right to self-determination.


Papua Police: Media abal-abal deliberately make Jayapura chaotic
Jubi | News Portal Tanah Papua No. 1

Illustration of abandoned media repulsive in Papua – Doc / Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Police (Polda) affirmed there are a number of online media abal-abal deliberately spread the issues that provoke the community. News spread about the burning of the Bible, declared not true but has been disseminated through social media, resulting in unrest residents.

This was affirmed by Head of Public Relations of Papua Police, Kombes Pol. A.M. Kamal is associated with provocateurs and spreaders of the biblical burning issue in Jayapura. He said the spreaders of the issue had been arrested.

"This ( hoax. There are (people) who deliberately make Jayapura not conducive, "explained Head of Public Relations of Papua Police, Kombes Pol. A.M. Kamal to Jubi via short message, Friday, (05/26/2017).

According to Kamal, until now his side is still doing the development and investigation of who the provocateer to lead to violence that resulted in three residents, including Victor Pulanda, Edi Siep and Alvian Ukago hit bullets. Meanwhile, Jayapura Police Chief, AKBP. Tober Sirait and his aide were hospitalized for being thrown from the masses.

"The perpetrators (provocateurs) we have not caught, still doing the investigation. Media ( was deliberately wanting provocation between us-us, "he said.

Separately, the holder of the Press Release Certificate from the Press Council in Papua, Victor Mambor reminds the public that more and more online media in Papua is irresponsible, and the public needs to know that the press and media have standards set by the Press Council.

The press company, according to the responsible Jubi Newspaper and, shall be obliged to announce the editorial structure of which is the name, address and responsible person openly through the media concerned.

"Especially for print media plus the name and address printing," he said.

It is said, the announcement is intended as a manifestation of responsibility for published or published journalistic work. If there is a media that does not announce the composition of the editorial and management of the company, he said, the media is not clear because they do not want to be responsible for the content.

"If you spread articles from media that can not meet this standard. So when you are accused of being a hoax spreader or violator of the ITE Law, you will be taken to the criminal realm, not the press field! So, be careful spreading the news from the online media is not clear, "said Victor Mambor. (*)

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Judged only for diplomacy imagery, Papuan students in Yogya reject the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Jubi | News Portal Tanah Papua No. 1,

Papuan students who are members of IPMA Papua and AMP rejected Kemenlu RI present in Yogyakarta – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan students studying in Istimewah area of Yogyakarta (DIY) refused to attend the Papuan Student Role-themed Discussion in Enhancing Positive Images of Indonesia Overseas organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Directorate of Diplomatic Security and the Directorate General Information and Public Diplomacy on campus of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Wednesday (24/5/2017).

According to BPH, Student Student Association (IPMA) Papua, Aris Yeimo, strongly rejects the arrival of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia to UGM as it is only taking advantage of time for diplomacy abroad, especially before the United Nations.

"In the invitation letter was invited not all the students in Yogya, but only from the representatives of the rector of UGM campus, Yogyakarta State University (UNY), Duta Wacana Christian University (UKDW), Veteran University of National Development (UPN), Atma Jaya University (UAJY) and Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD), five from each of the six campuses which became one of the ‘political interests’ of Indonesia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Aris Yeimo said in a written statement sent to Jubi on Wednesday, (24/5/2017).

The interest he said, is inseparable from Indonesia’s kotraversi through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the United Nations and several major countries in the world and seven Pacific nations who speak loudly about Indonesia’s decay, including human rights abuses, access to restricted foreign journalists, exploitation of natural resources in Papua and others, Another in Tanah Papua, a month ago.

"Indonesia in the eyes of the world has become a violator of human rights. (And) These things Indonesia is even willing to hide," he said.

While the Chairman of the Student Alliance of Papua (AMP) Yoyakarta City Committee, Mikael Kudiai rejected the activity because it is considered illegal and does not represent all the people of Papua.

"We reject the utilization and (only) Papuan student apparatus from the six campuses, we also request that military intervention on campus be stopped," said Kudiai.

According to Kudiai, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has often conducted public deception and transfer of Papua issues in the international world especially related to human rights violations that occurred in Indonesia, especially in Papua. (*)