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Urgent Notice: Buchtar Tabuni and two ULMWP Ministers arrested by Indonesian Police

October 28, 2022

Urgent Notice: Buchtar Tabuni and two ULMWP Ministers arrested by Indonesian Police

October 17, 2022 in News

Indonesian Police have arrested Buchtar Tabuni, one of West Papua’s most important liberation leaders, along with three other ULMWP Ministers. Indonesia are once again suppressing freedom of expression and assembly in West Papua, in an attempt to crush our spirit and commitment to our struggle.

Buchtar Tabuni is the Chairman of the West Papua council, and a member of the ULMWP Council Committee. He was arrested along with Bazoka Logo, Minister of Political Affairs, and Iche Murib, Minister of Women’s and Children’s Affairs. The trio were arrested at Mr Tabuni’s house in Jayapura, following an annual ULMWP meeting, and interrogated at a nearby police station. What is their crime? What possible justification can there be for this crackdown? This was after a peaceful meeting at a private residence. The right to assembly is a basic human right, enshrined in the constitutions of countries around the world, including Indonesia.

Every year, the National Parliament of the ULMWP meets to share information on events in their regions and discuss the situation of the struggle. West Papuans have the right, under international law, to peacefully mobilise for our independence. I call on anyone concerned by these arrests to call the Indonesian Police chief in Papua on 081217705813, and the Chief of Police in Jayapura on +6281217705813, to express their disgust at this development.

These arrests are in breach of basic principles of international diplomacy and human rights. Both the ULMWP and Indonesia are members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, a regional forum. We sit around the table together as equals. Imagine if British police arrested a Scottish Parliamentarian following a peaceful meeting in their own home – there would be international outcry. This is the brutal reality of Indonesia’s colonial occupation.

This is not the first time Mr Tabuni has been targeted by the Indonesian state. He has spent much of his life behind bars, and was previously arrested and charged with treason for his involvement in anti-racism protests in 2020. This is political persecution: the harshness of Buchtar’s treatment is due only to his position as a respected leader of the independence struggle. History tells us that there is no such thing as a fair trial for West Papuans in Indonesia. Victor Yeimo is still gravely ill in prison, where he has been held on spurious treason charges since May 2021. We urgently need the assistance of all international solidarity groups and NGOs – you must pressure your governments to help secure Mr Tabuni’s release, and all other West Papuan political prisoners.

Mr Tabuni is a leading advocate for a peaceful solution in West Papua: a true peacemaker, both for West Papuans and Indonesian migrants. As Chairman of the West Papua Council, and a founding member of the KNPB, he has advocated relentlessly for an internationally-mediated independence referendum. We demand that Indonesia immediately release him, along with Bazoka Logo and Iche Murib. Their freedom is essential in order to keep the peace.

Indonesia cannot arrest their way to peace in West Papua. The longing for freedom we hold in our hearts is too powerful: we will continue our struggle until we have won our liberation. But there is yet a peaceful resolution to this issue. Instead of more arrests, more human rights abuses, President Joko Widodo must sit with me to discuss the path to an internationally-mediated referendum.

Benny Wenda
Interim President
ULMWP Provisional Government

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2) Police Arrest Yan Waris Hire DPO Attack Posramil Kisor Maybrat

There were 6 arrests from employees of PT Bangun Kayu Irian and 17 people at the TKP

Maybrat – News Desk
October 16, 2022

Jayapura , Jubi TV– The wanted list or DPO suspected of attacking the Kisor Koramil post, Yan Waris Sewa, was arrested on Friday (14/10/2022).

The arrests were made by a joint team consisting of the West Papua Police Mobile Brigade, South Sorong Police and Maybrat Police, at 06.00 WP in Susumuk Village, Aifat District, Maybrat Regency, West Papua Province.

The West Papua Police Mobile Brigade joint team was led directly by Dansat Brimob Kombes Pol. Men Premos SIK MM together with the South Korean Police Chief AKBP Dr. Choiruddin Wachid SIK and Maybrat Police Chief AKBP Gleen Rooi Molle SIK.

"Together with the team, we managed to catch one DPO who attacked the Kisor Posramil," said the Head of Public Relations of the West Papua Police, Kombes Pol. Adam Erwindi SIK MH in a written statement received by Jubi, on Sunday (16/10/2022).

Adam explained that the suspect, Yan, at the time of the attack on the Kisor Posramil, and along with the other perpetrators, were waiting outside the post when his friends carried out the murder at the Kisor Posramil. The impact on the Kisor Posramil on September 2, 2021 resulted in the death of four Indonesian Army soldiers.

"The suspect is subject to Article 340 of the Criminal Code, Subsidiary Article 338 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Articles 55, 56 of the Criminal Code. So a total of 11 DPOs have been arrested in connection with the attack on the Kisor Posramil, some of whom have already undergone the criminal process, from a total of 21 attackers resulting from the development of the case," he said.

According to him, during the arrests there were 6 employees of PT Bangun Kayu Irian and 17 people from the community at the scene, and they were asked for information. However, on the same day, all of them were returned to their respective villages.

"Thank you very much for the information from the community that was given to the police, in order to find the perpetrators of the murder," he said.

Meanwhile, Willem Assem from the Maybrat Humanitarian Coalition Team said the police used around 16 vehicles including a barracuda when arresting civilians in Kisor Village, Susumuk Village, Fan Kahrio Village, and Sampika Village in Maybarat Regency.

“Brimob from Company C Sorong they use about 4 barracuda cars and plus other cars that use 16 vehicles. They entered the village at dawn, they arrested a number of residents from women, men, young and old, minors," said Willem Assem to Jubi, on Saturday (15/10/2022) night.

Assem explained that at least 23 residents were arrested by the police. Including Yan Waris Sewa who was arrested in a serious condition. The police also arrested a resident who worked at the PT Bangun Kayu Irian timber company.

"He (Yan Waris Sewa) has been sick for two months, they arrested him whether he is alive or dead, we haven’t confirmed yet. They (police) also later arrested employees consisting of native Papuans who worked at PT Bangun Kayu Irian," he said. (*)

This news has been published on with the title: DPO attacker Posramil Kisor arrested

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