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Amnesty urges government to end cycle of violence in Papua following latest civilian deaths

July 25, 2022

Amnesty urges government to end cycle of violence in Papua following

latest civilian deaths – July 19, 2022

Dian Erika Nugraheny, Jakarta — Amnesty International Indonesia
Executive Director Usman Hamid is calling for an end to the cycle of
violence in Papua following the killing of 11 civilians in Nduga regency
on Saturday July 16.

"It’s time for the state to end the cycle of violence in Papua", said
Hamid in a press release on Monday July 18.

"Currently a human rights crisis is occurring in Papua where almost
every day violence occurs with casualties and perpetrators from various
groups", said Hamid.

The killing of the 11 civilians occurred in Nogolait Village, Kenyam
district, Nduga regency, Papua province. They were allegedly killed by
an armed criminal group (KKB).

Hamid said that various parties from Papua activist groups, academics
and students have urged the government to reevaluate the security
approach being applied in Papua.

"The policy, which for decades has been applied in Papua has not in fact
succeeded in ending human rights violations there and has instead caused
even more civilian causalities", said Hamid.

Aside from reevaluating the security approach, Hamid believes that the
government must correct its policies in Papua in their entirety.

"Starting from labeling them separatists and terrorists to centralistic
policies such as [creating] new autonomous regions (DOB) and the Special
Autonomy [Law on Papua] which was enacted without meaningful
participation by indigenous Papuans", said Hamid.

"The state must avoid escalating conflicts which end with casualties and
human rights violations, including reconsidering all policies which
could give rise to this situation", said Hamid.

Speaking separately, Presidential Staff Deputy Chief (KSP) Jaleswari
Pramodhawardani condemned the attack carried out by the KKB in Nduga.

"The government condemns it and shares in the sorrow of those injured
and killed as a consequence of the criminal actions committed by the
KKB", said Pramodhawardani in a press release on Saturday.

"The incident in Nduga regency is currently being handled by the police
and the perpetrators will be prosecuted", continued Pramodhawardani.

The victims who died are Yulius Watu, Hubertus Goti, Daeng Marannu,
Taufan Amir, Johan, Alex, Yuda Nurusingga, Nasjen, Mahmut Ismain and
Eliaser Baner.

Baner, one of those who died, was a priest. Their bodies have already
been evacuated to Timika, Mimika regency.

Meanwhile the two people who were injured were Sudirman and Hasdin.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was
"KKB Bantai 11 Warga Sipil di Nduga, Amnesty: Negara Harus Hentikan
Siklus Kekerasan".]


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