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Support legal advocacy for West Papuan Customary Landowners

December 23, 2021

Support legal advocacy for West Papuan Customary Landowners


West Papua Land Rights Fund User
By Matthew Jamieson Australia

West Papua is currently embroiled in civil and military conflict as the Indonesian government seeks to enforce its authority over local independence forces. The fighting is particularly heavy along the road being built from the coast into the mineral rich central highlands.Many villages in the mountain areas are being depopulated as tribespeople there are forced to flee the conflict. The land they are leaving is highly vulnerable to a rush of mineral exploration and logging.

How can we help?

The West Papua Land Rights Fund will support local lawyers and advocates seeking to enforce traditional and customary land rights in the territory of West Papua. This initiative will seek to document and protect the land rights of indigenous people in this hostile environment and other vulnerable places in West Papua. It is complex and difficult work. Apart from formulating the legal strategies it requires arduous field consultation and documentation. The law firm Xenophon Davis will administer the ‘West Papua Land Rights Fund’. The West Papua Land Rights Fund will only engage in lawful legal proceedings and advocacy. It will seek to protect customary land rights as recognised under Indonesian law, the Indonesian Constitution and international charters.

Please support this fund to protect the rights of indigenous people to retain the wealth of their land for generations to come.

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