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Happy Mother’s Day to all of our great moms in West Papua

May 13, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our great moms in Melanesia, West Papua.

You are strong, beautiful women and so many of you have inspired us to continue fight for our freedom and to our next generation to have their freedom of West Papua one day.

Dear Mum,

You raised your children with sincere of love, you guide your children with education of wisdom When your children create an offense, you gave advise to your children with wisdom from your Melanesian culture. When your children were arrested and imprisoned, you went to visit your children even when the authorities of Indonesia tried to stop you from it. Today I remember mama, when I sat next to mum in the guard room, you start greet me, Herman, how is your health condition these days? I am fine mum but I really apologize for making you come to prison to see me as always you do. Thank you for your love, mama!

– Herman Wainggai, Washington D,C. America

I hope I get a chance to sit beside you, eat Sago our traditional food with Dad and enjoy the sunshine near the beach and all of our blessings country someday!


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