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Support the struggle for freedom in West Papua – Herman Wainggai

June 17, 2019

The people of the island of West Papua have a deep connection to a culture and way of life that has existed for thousands of years. The West Papuans, like most indigenous peoples, are inextricably tied to their land. Since 1969 their lives, however, have dramatically changed as a result of human rights violations, religious persecution, and the confiscation and destruction of their natural resources and territorial lands.

In 1969, the territory of West Papua was annexed by Indonesia under a fraudulent election. Since then, the people have been persecuted and tortured in response to their demands for freedom from foreign rule. Unfortunately, the international community is mostly unaware of these atrocities as the foreign press, and human rights organizations are not freely allowed to travel in West Papua. We have been fortunate to come to know one of the foremost exiled leaders of the country of West Papua, Herman Wainggai. He is the leader of the Global Non-Violent Peace Movement for West Papua. He had been imprisoned and tortured, before escaping the country with his family. He has made a tremendous personal sacrifice to come to the United States to engage those who can assist him in bringing an end to the persecutions in his homeland. Mr. Wainggai is a humble man, who was nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize, and regularly addresses the United Nations on behalf of the West Papuans and their situation. Wainggai has dedicated his life to educate the world about the atrocities and persecution suffered by his people. Progress is slow and difficult, however, for the first time, motions to support the West Papuans are being presented before the United Nations.

In short, the following continues to occur in West Papua today: Genocide, Human Rights Violations, Religious Persecution Environmental destruction of the natural rain forests and territorial lands This spring we opened the West Papua Human Rights Center in the United States, marking the first time the US has formally recognized an organization supporting the people of West Papua.

This is why we need your support right now.

We have made initial contacts with Senators, Congressmen and Ambassadors of the United States. It is clear we need to do more in educating these government officials on what has happened to our country and people for 50 years and what is happening now. We are clear that the United States is the key to our success with the draft resolution for self-determination at the United Nations in September. We need to continue to focus on getting the White House to stand up and support the resolution. With the United States leading and supporting, other countries will join our cause. We need donations to allow Mr. Herman Wainggai to focus on this effort full time. The Center is starting its own fund-raising efforts with letter writing, grant submissions, Gofundme campaign and setting up speaking engagements for him at Churches, Synagages and other community organizations. This all takes time.But, we need to stay focused right now on getting the United States government to support the resolution. We are asking that everyone that follows us donate $1 US dollar (you can go to the GOFUNDME page). This will help support our expenses and keep Mr Wainggai focused on getting the United States to support our draft resolution in September. Please contact us directly if the GOFUNDME is not an option for you and we can figure something else out.

Thank you for your support,

Click here to support West Papua Human Rights Center

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