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Summary of events in West Papua (6 March- 9April 2019)

April 9, 2019

Summary of events in West Papua (6 March- 9 April 2019)


The human rights organization “Front Line Defenders” (FLD) released a report concerning the Indonesian security force operation in the Nduga region. According to the report the Indonesian security forces have caused thousands of people to flee their homes for safety to neighbouring districts. In its report, FLD has estimated that up to 32,000 people have fled the Nduga regency because of the military operations in the area. Internal refugees consist of 4,276 in Mapenduma District. 4,369 in Mugi District. 5,056 in Jigi District. 5,021 in Yal District. 3,775 in Mbulmu Yalma District. 4,238 Kagayem District. 2,982 in the Nirkuri District. 4,001 in the Inikgal District. 2,021 in the Mbua District and 1,704 in the Dal District. Hundreds of people have also fled to the forests in fear for their lives, facing difficulties due to lack of food, proper shelter and potential sickness. ………………………

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