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Call for govt to review position on West Papua

December 17, 2018

Call for govt to review position on West Papua
December 17, 2018The National
National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop is renewing his call on the government to review its position on West Papua.
He wants it to support a legally supervised referendum for local Papuans to decide to remain part of Indonesia or become an independent state.
His call comes amid the escalation of conflict 10 days ago in Papua province, which was sparked off by the jungle-camp killing of 16 labourers the West Papua National Liberation Army said were soldiers.
“Only a properly supervised and legally conducted referendum in accordance with international law will solve this crisis or issue,” he said.
“Any other decision or approach will only prolong the problem and suffering of the Papuan people.”
The former Dutch colony, rich in natural resources, declared itself independent in 1961, but Indonesia assumed its control in 1963 on the condition that it was to conduct a referendum.
It was annexed six years later through a United Nations-backed vote that was seen as fraudulent.
“The campaign for self-determination won’t stop,” Parkop said. “Indonesia will never win the war of hearts and mind. They might win some battles, but will lose the war.
“The spirit of independence will never die because the vote in 1969 was never conducted on the basis of universal suffrage and in accordance with the law. As long as Indonesia does not do anything about that the flames of independence, it will escalate beyond their control. The only solution is proper, legally-held referendum.”

2) Trial of Polish man begins in Papua

11:24 am today

The trial of a Polish man facing a range of charges over his alleged links to the West Papuan independence fighters begins today.
Jakub Skrzypski was detained in the Highlands town of Wamena in August on suspicion of arranging an arms deal with the West Papua Liberation Army.

He and three local people have been charged with a range of crimes under Indonesia’s criminal code, including a plot to overthrow the government.
Mr Skrzypski, whose trial is being held in Wamena, faces a 15-year prison sentence if convicted.
After his arrest, police said they had seized hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a phone and documents which included information about weapons and ammunition required by the Liberation Army.
The Liberation Army claimed responsibility for a massacre of Indonesian road workers earlier this month in Papua’s Highlands.
At least sixteen employees of a state-owned company were killed, prompting deployment of extra Indonesian troops to the area.
It was the latest in a series of attacks by the Liberation Army which declared war against the Indonesian state in January.

Four Japanese jailed for immigration breaches in Papua

Four Japanese men have been jailed for violations of Indonesian immigration rules in Papua.
The men, all aged in their 50s, have been in custody since June when they were arrested in a massive raid of some companies in Papua province’s Nabire Regency.
According to Japan Today, they’ve each been sentenced to five and a half months jail time for immigration violations and have been ordered to pay a fine of almost $US700.
The men were working for Jakarta-based gold mining company PT Nur Alam International, which claims to have a licence to mine for gold in Papua.
A judicial panel at the Nabire District Court found the defendants guilty of violating the country’s immigration law by misusing their limited stay permits and tourist visas for working.

3) Economic factors influencing Papuan women to become sex workers in Manokwari
Published 8 hours ago on 17 December 2018
By pr9c6tr3_juben

A group of women gathered around Sanggeng traditional market or precisely behind a bank office in Manokwari act differently. Faces covered by light blush on and lipstick, they are waiting for visitors.

Acting like sex workers, they offer sex for visitors but secretly and give on-location service only. These convert sex workers are not only migrants but native Papuan women as well. It’s more than ten indigenous women who work as sex workers there.

The fact is their rate is not very expensive. A customer can only spend two hundred thousand rupiahs for their service, while their safety is guaranteed because there are a group of men work as guards.

“There’s quite a lot of visitors. They come almost every day, from the morning till night,” a woman said.

She admitted that she has to work like this because she has no choice. She do it for her living.

Even though she didn’t tell about her house and family’s background, her situation has illustrated the terrifying condition behind the privileges of many programs offered by regional government offices of West Papua Province, especially for Papuan women.

A woman figure in West Papua Province Yuliana Numberi said that this group of women is a victim of social life.

“They have a right to live and to be empowered like other Papuan women who get attention from the government through the regional government programs on Tuesday (11/12/2018).

According to her, the practice of covert prostitute in this location is not a new issue. It has been occurring for a long time. However, there is no humanitarian approach taken by those who have concern for them.

“This group of women is those who neglected. We must see this as an issue that can be improved through a program and our mutual concern because they are doing it to meet their daily needs,” she said.

Moreover, the government, said Numberi, should not only pay attention to Papuan women who sell betel nuts, vegetables and fruits in the traditional market or on the roadside, but they must also help and treat sex workers in the same manner.

“It’s terrifying because they have the same right to live like women. So, I hope in the future the government through gendered perspective development policies can involve all women without determining their status, position, religion and race. The government should empower all women and make them a subject in their lives,” she said.

If viewed from a gender perspective, sex workers are the victims of the community’s social life.

“Unfortunately, we do not know when they have a problem with their reproductive health and healthy life, especially regarding the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases that risk their health,” she explained.

On the other hand, she continued, if they don’t work like this, who will support their life. Due to their background, she also hopes that the community will not exclude them from society, instead to embrace them to find out why they do this job.

“We maybe don’t know if they have children who need expenses, or their husbands are jobless, or actually, they are the victims of their household needs. Therefore, we must look forward to ensuring that everyone can access the empowerment program which means there are participation, controls and benefits that we can provide in empowering a woman in the community,” Numberi said. (*)

Reporter: Hans Kapisa
Editor: Pipit Maizier


4) 6.1-magnitude quake causes brief panic in Jayapura

Jakarta / Sun, December 16, 2018 / 08:14 pm

A 6.1-magnitude earthquake, the epicenter of which was on land, shook Keerom regency in Papua at 4:42 p.m. Jakarta time, or 6:42 p.m. local time on Sunday.

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency said the epicenter was 52 kilometers southwest off Keerom with a depth of 106 kilometers. No tsunami warning was issued.

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) said the tremor lasted three to four seconds and caused panic among people in Keerom, Jayapura regency, Jayapura municipality, Pegunungan Bintang regency.

There were no reports of casualties or damaged buildings.

The Papua BPBD said the situation was under control, BNPB spokesperson Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said in a statement on Sunday. (evi)

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