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PNG, Indon Ties Going Stronger, Says Pato

August 28, 2018

PNG, Indon Ties Going Stronger, Says Pato

August 28, 2018


Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Rimbink Pato has reminded those set on displacing the country’s connections with its closest neighbour Indonesia that both have a solid relationship.

He said the struggles of Indonesia to reach its current position and standing today after 73 years, sees it poised to be one of the great economies of the world in the next few years.

“Of course there are others who have all manners of views to displace the trust and confidence and relationship between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea,’’ he said.

“Let me remind them that the relationship between Papua New Guinea is very strong and is growing from strength to strength.’’

“Of course it is through the support of Indonesia in 2014 when it hosted APEC in Bali that PNG was given the opportunity at the encouragement and support of the Republic of Indonesia to host APEC this year.

“It is Indonesia’s support that has given PNG a special observer member of ASEAN nations.”

He said such opportunities and challenges only arise between close friends.

Mr Pato said in the spirit of agreements, PNG respects the commitment of the government of Indonesia to take a focused development approach to border issues.

“We have in recent years signed on multiple memorandums of understandings to enhance the relationship of our two countries, that is very important very much so in the border regions,’’ Mr Pato said.

“We believe that through economic development, close cooperation and friendship through respectful discussion and dialogue we will advance the living conditions of the people on both sides of the border.

“We have been steadily improving conditions on this side and we know that Indonesia has been doing the same.

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