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Papuan students start wearing ‘koteka’ to school

June 5, 2018

Jakarta Post
– | Mon, June 4, 2018 | 06:12 pm

A number of university students in Jayapura have begun to wear the traditional Papuan koteka (penis gourd) to campus, as reported by

Devio Tekege, a student at Cenderawasih University at Jayapura, Papua, reportedly launched the movement last week. Devio said that the unfamiliar atmosphere on campus had prompted him to wear the koteka. He became more confident as he wore it. “I was able to relax and I could follow the classes,” he said.

His koteka-wearing friends stated doing the same thing as it made them more confident as Papuans

Among the koteka-wearing students are Hoseri Edowai and Idewereknak Arabo, who go to Umel Mandiri Law School. They said Devio inspired them to don the traditional article of attire, and taking it a bit further, they also use a noken (woven bag) to carry their books.

When one of his teachers reprimanded his choice of attire, Albertus, a student at the Jayapura Science and Technology University, replied, “I am wearing my traditional costume. Is it so different from the people who wear batik, also a traditional costume?” (wng)

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