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Around 150 West Papuan people in Nabire arrested, including children. Many tortured.

July 8, 2017

From Free West Papua campaign webpage

Full report and photos at

Around 150 West Papuan people in Nabire arrested, including children. Many tortured.

JULY 8, 2017

URGENT NEWS – We have received urgent reports from West Papua that between 30th June and 6th July, around 150 West Papuan people were arrested and many of them tortured, by the Indonesian police for peaceful actions. A chronology of events reported follows.

Initial arrests
According to the West Papua National Committee (KNPB), on 30th June West Papuan activist Yanto Waine went missing for 3 days and it emerged that he had been arrested on Mulia Road in Nabire, West Papua. On 4th July West Papuan people peacefully demonstrated for his release and at least 31 of them were then arrested too. The police promised that 3 of the activists would be arrested the next day but only Yanto Waine was released, and this took place on 6th July.

Mass arrests

After Yanto Waine’s release, around 150 West Papuan people peacefully marched to the Indonesian police station in Nabire to call for the release of the remaining detainees and everyone were reportedly arrested for doing so. Nine West Papuan youths and children were also among those arrested.

Of the 150 or so people believed to have been arrested, the confirmed names of 104 of them can be found below:

1. Yonatan Gobay
2. Yulianus Pigai
3. Metu Tebay
4. Martinus Goo
5. Geo Mote
6. Sia Gobay
7. Selpianus Woge
8. Lenis Newegalen

The names and ages of the children arrested can be found below:

96. Stepanus Yeimo (13 years old)
97. Natalis Mote (14 years old)
98. Eldon Pekei (15 years old)
99. Petrus Gobai (15 years old)
100. Robert Yeimo (16 years old)
101. Aten Agapa (16 years old)
102. Silas Degei (16 years old)
103. Eli Magai (18 years old)
104. Yotam Nawipa (23 years old)

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