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Writing for Rights: Human Rights Documentation from the Land of Papua

June 2, 2017

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Writing for Rights: Human Rights Documentation from the Land of Papua

The Indonesian NGO ELSAM (Institute for Research Policy and Advocacy) has made the book Writing for Rights: Human Rights Documentation from the Land of Papua available for free download on their website at

Writing for Rights is an English translation of a research compilation from Human Rights Defenders working at the grassroots level to improve the human rights situation in Papua, on the eastern edge of the Indonesian archipelago. The six contributors are all alumni of the Basic Course for Human Rights Defenders, a collaborative project between ELSAM and Peace Brigades International to build capacity among HRDs working in remote Indonesian regions dealing with natural resource conflicts. The compilation examines daily issues faced by Papuans through a human rights lens. Topics covered include the expansion of palm oil, market access for indigenous women, criminalization of protest and related issues with case studies from Sorong, Merauke and Jayapura.

All ELSAM publications are dedicated to victims of human rights violations, in addition to being part of the effort to promote and protect human rights in Indonesia. The original Indonesian version of the book (Pembela HAM Menulis: Bunga Rampai Pendokumentasian HAM di Tanah Papua) can also be accessed through the ELSAM website at

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