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200 people arrested in Sentani, Papua. Journalists beaten

May 1, 2017

18057638_10158654846045010_8251348579077892390_n.jpg Polisi Indonesia Tangkap 200 Orang di Sentani | Suara Papua
JAYAPURA,— Polisi Indonesia dikabarkan telah menangkap 200 orang pada 1 Mei 2017 di Sentani, papua. Bazoka Logo, Jubir KNPB Pusat kepada membenarkan adanya penangkapan tersebut. Ia menjelaskan, jam 07.36 WP polisi datang ke sekretariat KNPB Wilayah Sentani lalu aparat memaksa massa yang dikomandoi KNPB wilayah Sentani untuk bubar. Kemudian, polisi menangkap massa yang …

Indonesian Police Arrest 200 in Sentani
By Arnold Belau – May 1, 2017

JAYAPURA,– Indonesian police are reported to have arrested 200 people on May 1, 2017 in Sentani, Papua.

Bazoka Logo, KNPB Center spokesman to confirmed the arrest. He explained that at 7.36 pm the police came to the KNPB secretariat of the Sentani Territory and the authorities forced the mob commanded by the KNPB Sentani area to disband. Then, the police arrested the mass who had gathered in the secretariat of KNPB Sentani.

"Police came and stopped the activities they wanted to do and then arrested 200 people and under to Mapolres Jayapura. The number of mass arrested was 200 people. 150 already returned. 50 people are still detained. 26 people have been tortured by the authorities, "Bazoka said.

The logo also says, the apparatus not only dissolve and capture the masses. The apparatus also entered the KNPB secretariat and damaged the facility and had doodled the walls of the house and also seized KNPB’s belongings.

"The police also confiscated the goods, painted and wiped the dawn-star flag on the wall of the house, confiscated KNPB’s tools. That the police do when they want to act to reject the annexation papua conducted on May 1, 1963, "he said.

Reportedly, police have also arrested and detained journalists Jubi newspapers and, Yance Wenda while doing coverage at Sentani.

Pewarta: Arnold Belau

A google translate. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa link above article

2) Papuan journalists are naturally injured by police
Jubi | News Portal Tanah Papua No. 1,

Yance Wenda shows bruises and police bruises – Doc. Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Journalists in

Papua again experienced violence that allegedly committed members of the police, Monday (01/05/2017). The victim was Yance Wenda. Jubi Newspaper Journalist and He suffered a number of injuries on his face because of being beaten by several police officers from Jayapura Resort Police.

"My temples are wounded, swollen eyes, bumps, behind two rattan strokes, on the shoulders and also in the shadows of the shoes, my upper lip and lips broke out of being beaten and kicked and beaten by rattan," Yance said on Monday / 5/2017).

He continued, when it was around 08:00 pm there was a mass arrest KNPB. They were taken to Jayapura Resort Police. Yance followed the crowd. But he did not go to the Polres.

"I was away from the masses and when the crowd was brought into the Resort Police, I sat in the front of the Police stall I did not take a picture I just watched.No long, a policeman came in. He opened my glasses He asked me I replied I am a journalist , "He said.

When he was about to pull a letter of assignment out of his bag, another police officer came to take Yance’s bag. Some police officers then yanked Yance to the Police while kicking and beating him.

"Arriving at the Resort Police, I was examined, told not to dress, they asked me, I told them I was a journalist, they checked my bag and found my letter of assignment," he said.

"They then asked you reporters apparently, I told you I told you I was a journalist I would like to point a letter of assignment but you take my bag They look confused I was taken to Polres Jayapura approximately at 09:00 WIT and was only allowed home at 13 o’clock : 40 WIT, "he added.

Jayapura Police Chief, AKBP. Gustav Urbinas who contacted Jubi via telephone confirmed that Yance was being secured. But he said the concerned when it was secured because it came with other sympathizers of the mass who want to check their colleagues who first secured in the Police.

"He joined them, he did not use a press card, and after he got a new question he asked, after he got inside, he confessed to reporters and checked no id cards, only a scanned letter of assignment," said AKBP Gustav Urbinas.

According to him, after police learned Yance was a journalist, he was sent home. Jayapura Police Chief also denied if the person was subjected to violence from members of the police.

"No injuries, he’s a group with them, and if he had a journalist’s identification, he would know he did not use anything, he blended in. He did not show his identity as a journalist," he said.

Regarding this letter of assignment, the editor of Jubi Newspaper, Dominggus Mampioper said the media policy he leads is not to give ID Card to new journalists. To get an ID Card, a Jubi journalist must meet certain requirements, one of which must go through a period of work of more than 12 to 18 months. During this time, the journalist will get a letter of assignment extended every three months.

"Yance is assigned to cover the action, he’s a new reporter, still getting editorial help, he’s only given a letter of assignment, it’s no different.As with other media, the assignment letter is given to a new journalist or when the correspondent loses his ID card. , Just a different shape, "said Dominggus.

Separately, Coordinator of the Advocacy Division of the Alliance of Independent Journalists of Jayapura City, Fabio Lopez Dacosta expects the police to re-examine the regulation on press freedom where there is no restriction on coverage of any issues in Papua.

"Should not use violence to restrict journalistic activities of a journalist if the journalist does not use a press card, then use a persuasive way to ask the journalist’s identity," Fabio said.

According to him, the violence that befell Yance shows that there has not been a persuasive way to understand how the press works in the Papuan lands, especially on political issues and legal cases such as corruption.

"I hope Yance who gets a blow from some police officers can report it to Propam Polda Papua Field to be followed up," continued Fabio. (*)


A google translate. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa link above article

3) By 1 May, the Apparatus Act Repressive Against the Papuans
By Stevanus Yogi – May 1, 2017
JAYAPURA, – Ahead of preparation to commemorate Annexation Day of Papua May 1, 1963, which always celebrated Papuan people every year colored repressive actions and excessive terror from the security forces.

Excessive action of the apparatus took place in several places, among others in the secretariat of KNPB Sentani Region, USTJ Jayapura Campus and at Paniai Dormitory Jakarta.

In the secretariat of KNPB Sentani Region, reportedly, at 3:50 pm Papua time, the security apparatus from the Jayapura District Police came uncompromisingly dismantling the previously built stage.

According to Agus Kosay, Vice Chairman of KNPB Pusat, Indonesian Police dismantle the stage to want to force the people of Papua not to reject the history of May 1, 1963 as an annexation but admitted 1 May 1963 as the day of West Papua Integration into NKRI.

"The Police of Indonosia came directly to unload the stage. Then they strictly prohibit KNPB Sentani Territory to not commemorate the anniversary of Papua Annexation anniversary into the Framework of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia and also prohibit them from doing any other activities in public, "said Kossay on Sunday (30/05/2017).

Previously, excessive action occurred in the campus also USTJ Jayapura Campus revealed by Nelius Wenda, President of Student USTJ.

Nelius said the apparatus had intervened in the use of USTJ campus hall which was planned to be used for Public discussion activities to commemorate the 1st of May 1963.

"I see the officers have entered the campus world intervention because until now there has been no permission to use the hall issued by the campus," he said, Sunday (04/30/2017).

According to him, the activity is scientific, the apparatus should support not hinder. "If necessary, officers can also attend. Want to be a participant or speaker is okay, what is important to be aware of the perspective of each country is not limited with the intervention of campus autonomy, "he said.

Separately, at Paniai Dormitory, Jakarta, on Sunday (30/4/2017) night, around 10:00 to 11:00 local time, also happened the same thing.

Frans Nawipa, Chairman of AMP City Committee (KK) Jakarta, said security officers from the South Jakarta Tebet Police Station went to Paniai Dormitory without permission to interrogate one of the dormitory residents.

"There are two police officers who enter without negotiation with the dormitory residents. Upon entering, they two sat down and asked some questions to Andre’s friend. Who was asked that, May Day May 01, 2017 action tomorrow bagimana ?, other comrades pengghuni where ?, Kulia on Campus anywhere? Here is the secret of AMP? Frans Nawipa and Surya Anta stay Where ?, "said Frans,

Frans continued, the apparatus came in a total of 7 people, 5 police officers using a patrol car and 2 intel with one motor.

Pewarta: Stevanus Yogi


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