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Protested, blocking related websites West Papua situation

April 19, 2017

Protested, blocking related websites West Papua situation

Jubi | News Portal Papua No. 1

The press conference to protest the blocking of four organizations related websites West Papua in LBH Pers, Kalibata, Jakarta, Tuesday (04/18/2017) – supplied

Jakarta, Jubi – Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Press, Jubi Association, Foundation One Justice (YSK), and community Papua That We protest against the alleged blocking of some websites containing news, attitude and analysis related to West Papua.

"In early April 2017, the official site Papua Students Alliance / AMP alleged to have internet access terminated arbitrarily without any prior notice. Termination of this access in unison with other websites that also raised human rights violations in Papua, "according to a release received by the editors Jubi, Tuesday (04/18/2017).

Sites that allegedly cut off his Internet access is,,, and Termination of such access was not only on sites managed in Papua, but also sites that are managed outside of Papua, and

Their protest addressed to Kominfo allegedly blocked by not using a strong legal basis because it is contrary to Article 28J of the 1945 Constitution "Although the government has been given the authority by Article 40 paragraph 2 of Law ITE, but the implementation of the article must be set forth in Government Regulation and to date these provisions have not been there, "said Asep Komarudin of LBH Pers in the statement.

Although the alleged reason for termination access because these sites contain elements of "separatist", but only in a permanent blocking can not be done without based on the human rights standards.

It was emphasized Bernard Agapa, a community movers Papua It Kita in Jakarta. According to him, every person has the right to communicate and obtain information to develop personal and social environment, and the right to seek, obtain, possess, store, process and convey information by using all available channels.

"That is the mandate of the 1945 constitution, you know, so that the people of Papua, also have the right to communicate information according to kepentinngan them, sekalpiun the political demands, as long as do not by force and meet the principles of human rights," said Bernard when confirmed Jubi, Tuesday (18 / 4).

Right of citizens to know

Mid-February, Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF) hard criticized Jakarta for allegedly kept silent on violations of press freedom in Papua, including human rights violations was allowed to happen in the profit-taking in Papua rich.

"They keep silent on violations against the press and other human rights, try to compare with the billions of profits gained from Papua by outside interests. It’s a shame, "said Monica Miller, Chairman of the PFF.

They also protested the blocking of the portal, while appreciating the Press Legal Aid Institute and non-press solidarity initiative in Jakarta who do advocate for Papuan Voices exempt access.

"Blocking is allegedly one form of press freedom and the silencing of one form of termination of the right to information society, especially the people of Papua," said Asep Komarudin of LBH Pers mid-December.

Separately, Syamsul Alam Agus from The Justice Foundation (YSK) specifically highlighted the role of such sites for information obejktif and what for the people of Papua.

"We know that the content of web sites are blocked in Papua is a provider of information for the people of Papua and the public objectively. Imagine if there is no content and the web? Public-infomrasi information presented only development that seems to good but the endless corruption and human rights violations, "said Syamsul Alam.

The blocking for him by the government violates the right of citizens to know.

Fourth and community organizations urged the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Communications) to open and normalize these sites. They also urged Kominfo create transparent mechanisms related to blocking the website to be more respect for the principles of human rights.

For information Reporters Without Borders (RSF) sat Indonesia in World Press Freedom Index rankings to 130th out of 180 countries. Indonesia is considered the country further away from qualification that supports freedom of the press. RSF also condemned the ban and restrictions on access, imprisonment and even deportation of foreign journalists in Papua.

"Indonesia is scheduled to host the celebration of World Press Freedom Day on 3rd May, but repeatedly refused to issue visas to the press, even the number of journalists who entered ‘hitam’nya list is increasing," it said Benjamin Ismaïl, head of RSF Asia Pacific.(*)


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