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April 5, 2017


AdminApr 05, 2017

UN Special Rapporteur on health, Dainius Puras when having a meeting with civil society in Jayapura, Friday (31/3/2017) – Jubi/Benny Mawel

Jayapura, Jubi – United Nations Special Rapporteur on health, Dainius Puras said distrust has make health problem in Papua become even more complicated.

In a press conference, Monday (03/04/2017) in Jakarta, Puras explained that health problems in Papua as a serious complexity. He cited the Family Planning (KB) clearly showing there is distrust between Papuan native (OAP) and the Indonesian government.

“Even if the family planning program is run ethically and well, the Papuan people still think that KB aims to reduce the number of indigenous people,” said Puras, as quoted in

Puras understood the difficulty, but he can ensure the family planning program is actually a good program. However, if executed by force, it violates human rights.

“But if implemented in a good way, through responsible information, for not having a child every year, it’s good. However, in environments that have no trust to each other, it becomes a complication. So there must be a solution, “said Puras.

Puras also recognize there is still stigma and discrimination on health services perceived by Papuan indigenous.

“There are serious concerns on the health of Papuan indigenous. Not only the high prevalence of HIV-AIDS, but also the level of infant and maternal mortality, and children malnutrition,” said Puras.

In a meeting with civil society in Jayapura, Friday (31/3/2017) a hospital attendant in Abepura hospital told him that the hospital limiting births of Papuans by way of terrorizing families of mother with a ‘death threat’.

“Actually, she could have a normal birth, but sometimes the doctor demand an operation or else it would cost live of the mother or child. The family then forced to sign an operation,” said her.

While a midwife from Yakuhimo said restrictions on reproductive rights is also an entrance for violence against women. In Yakuhimo the practice of family planning programs that are not informative has caused many women experienced domestic violence.(*)

Report contributors: Benny Mawel and Victor Mambor

Editor : Zely Ariane



AdminApr 05, 2017

A campaign banner from BP, said “Who are eligible to work for construction project Tangguh Train 3?” –

Sorong, Jubi – Three cran projects planned to build by British Petroleum (BP) Indonesia and Tangguh LNG in Bintuni Bay, West Papua Province is said of having involves no Papuan native labors and contractors.

Elect ILO (member of the International Labor Organization), Jan Waromi told Jubi in Sorong, Sunday (2/4/2017), that contractors and workers on the project are brought in from outside Papua.

According to Jan Waromi there several local contractors who want to invest in LNG cran 3 construction but do not involve Papuan indigenous set a bad precedent for BP Indonesia and Tangguh.

“The statement delivered by the director of BP said that they have empowered indigenous Papuans is only an empty statement,” he said.
He suspects the company brought thousands of workers and several contractor to Papua through Ambon, Maluku Province.

“Why is it for cutting grass, tree, welding and manual labor they brought labor power from outside Papua?” he said.

BP Indonesia Media Officer, Wigra as confirmed by Jubi said they can not leave a comment. They will release official statement in response to ILO statement and will be addressed in discussions with management.(*)

Reporter : Niko MB
Editor : Zely Ariane

AdminApr 05, 2017

Jayapura, Jubi – Manager Fuel Retail Pertamina Marketing Operation Region (MOR) VIII Maluku Papua Zibali Hisbul says there will be 10 new Fuel Filling General Station (gas stations) in Papua this year to support the One Price policy of fuel of premium and diesel in archipelago of Indonesia.

The construction of 10 gas stations is part of 148 gas stations development program across Indonesia.

The construction sites based on the decision of Oil and Gas Director General of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, said Zibali. Those are Arui Islands District, Supiori; Waropen Bawah District –Waropen; West Paniai District-Paniai; Bolakme Disrict-Jayawijaya; Mindiptama District-Boven Digoel; Senggi District-Keerom, Ilu District-Puncak Jaya; Bokondini District-Tolikara; Pirime District-Lanny Jaya, and Abenalu District-Yalimo.

“In all those districts the current prices of fuel range between Rp15 thousand to Rp 50 thousand per liter, we try to get them the same price as in other parts of Indonesia, Rp6.450 per liter of gasoline and Rp5.150 per liter for diesel,” he told Jubi Sunday (2/4/2017).

Zibali expected that in early April 2017 will launch the opening of gas stations in Arui Islands District, Supiori and West Paniai District, Paniai.

He acknowledges constraints in the establishment. There is no investor in five regions to be channel institution because it considered less economical.

The decision to give permit to ten sites, said Zibali, based on input from local governments, Pertamina and BP Migas based on roads infrastructures and airports condition.
“In MOR VIII there are 900 districts without channel institutions while only 150 districts have it,” he said.

Quoted from the official website of Director General of Oil and Gas, the Director General of Oil and Gas at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) I Gusti Nyoman Wiratmaja said the government has drawn up plans to build 108 infrastructure of fuel official distribution until 2019.(*)

Reporter : Sindung Sukoco
Editor : Zely Ariane

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