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West Papua – A Hidden Genocide – Film night event

February 1, 2017

Film night event
West Papua – A Hidden Genocide

Monday, January 30, 2017

7:00pm through 8:30pm

Metropolitan Building, Room 5000
Arlington Campus

Human Rights Conflicts and Indonesia’s Response. As part of the continuing efforts to confront the problem of genocide today, a speaker of experts discusses domestic policy responses to human rights violations around Indonesia and West Papua. Tonight’s program includes the screening of the film Hidden Genocide and a followup discussion.

Herman Wainggai – Leader of Nonviolent Struggle in West Papua

Encounter the struggle, suffering, and injustice in West Papua through the eyes of Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Herman Wainggai – a former political prisoner and escapee living in exile. His visceral and emotional experiences convey the brutal realities of the hidden genocide currently taking place in West Papua. Recalling his early childhood, his prison time, and his dramatic escape from the West Papuan border, relive the journey Herman has taken to freedom. Filled with faith, determination, tragedy, and resilience, Herman’s eye-opening narrative reveals to the world a genocide masked by deception, and silenced by oppression.


bresca merina

Bresca Merina – An Indonesian Lecturer

After the film screening we also will have a speaker from Indonesia: Bresca Merina M.Ec.Dev, an Indonesian lecturer who is currently visiting to George Mason University. She is previously lecturing at the College of Rural Community Development in Yogyakarta from 2012-2013, and is the Head of State Administration Studies Program and a lecturer at the College of Social and Political Sciences of Kartika Bangsa in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.





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