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Report on the Situation in 2016

January 3, 2017

The LP3BH- Manokwari (Institute of Research, Investigation and
Development of Legal Aid hereby wishes to report on the Situation in
West Papua throughout 2016 paying special attention to several
important and critical events, especially regarding human rights

We would like to report that during the past year, the government
of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has make a few positive moves during
the course of the year with regard to resolving the violation of human
rights in accordance with his stated intention when becoming the
president that he would take action regarding the situation in West
Papua. We Recognise that his intention is to take some positive moves
regarding the violation of human rights in West Papua.. Clearly his
intention was to restore the confidence of the Papuan people in the
intentions of the government of the Republic of Indonesia. This is
indeed in accordance with Law 21/2001 on Special Autonomy for the
Province of West Papua as amended by Law 35/2008.

There have indeed been some moves to allow access for foreign
journalists to visit the Land of Papua but unfortunately, this was not
followed up by the introduction of specific regulations. This has
meant that it has not been possible for foreign journalists to carry
out free and impartial investigations to make known the actual
situation in the Land of Papua. The fact is that foreign journalists
have been unable to freely investigate the situation and report their
findings in the Land of Papua and throughout the world. This applies
also to the granting of amnesty to political prisoners who have been
tried as well as those who have not been convicted.

The LP3BH wishes to report that the violation of basic human
rights continue to occur at a significant level. This applies to the
freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly. Th fact is that the
security approach is still widely used whenever the Papuan people
organise peaceful demonstrations to give expression to their views
that may conflict with the views of those in power, when they call for
the right to self-determination. Up to the end of 2016, 8,000 Papuans
were arrested, mal-treated or tortured simply for giving expression
peacefully to their political views. This has occurred in a number of
cities in the Land of Papua, including Jayapura, Wamena, Merauke,
Sorong and Fakfak. This means that the human rights situation in Papua
is at a critical stage with regard to the right to freedom of
expression and assembly.all of which have been seriously restricted
for the past ten the security forces using acts of violence
in violation of the principles of democracy in accordance with the
provisions of Laws 106 and 110.

The LP3BH also states that no acts for the promotion of justice
have been taken by the TNI (Army of Indonesia) or the police force
wich use acts of violence in the Land of Papua..

Furthermore, the Government of Indonesia has shown no serious
intention to give its support to resolve the serious cases of human
rights abuses in the Land of Papua such as Wasior (2001), Wamena
(2003), Paniai (2014) It is extremely important for the government and
in particular President Jokowi to resolve these cases in accordance
with the provisions of Law No 26/2000 on Human Rights and the Law on
Human Rights Courts. It is very necessary for the President to issue
legal provisions to put an end to actions that violate human rights
that have been going on for the past fifty years.The security forces
should also be ordered to stop attaching the label separatist to
peaceful actions that are always used by the security forces when the
Papuan people call for dialogue as the way to resolve the difference
of opinions democratically while upholding basic human rights.

The LP£BH calls upon the government under President Jokowi to
de-militarise the situation the Land of Papua and put an end to the
security approach and to handle the situation in West Papua by
peaceful means and dialogue.The cases of Wasior, Wamena Paniai as well
as Sangga-Manokwari should be on the agenda of the President in accordance with the laws in force.

The LP3BH together with the civilian and traditional forces are
preparing to take legal action regarding the above-mentioned four
cases onto the international arena if the government fails to show a
clear commitment to resolve those cases.

Yan Christian Warrinussy,Executive- Director of the LP3BH

Translated by Carmel Budiardjo, recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, 1995

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