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Commemorating Human Rights Day, a period action in Manokwari admitted beaten with rattan

December 12, 2016

A google translate. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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Minggu, 11 Desember 2016 — 17:02
Commemorating Human Rights Day, a period action in Manokwari admitted beaten with rattan
News Portal Papua No. 1 | Jubi,

Gerardus Korlap Tembut when coordinated with the police Manokwari – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – Solidarity and Youth Care HAM Papua in Manokwari in commemoration of Human Rights (HAM) which falls on December 10, 2016, ended with the beating action by the police against the future action of the threads as rattan, consequently dozen students injured in the body.
Solidarity action was accommodated by three led Organizations (OKP), Manokwari including the Independent Student Forum (FIM), Manokwari, Catholic Student Association of the Republic of Indonesia (PMKRI), branch of Manokwari and the Indonesian Christian Students Movement (GMKI), branch Manokwari. Saturday (10/12/2016), Manokwari, West Papua.
Gerardus Tembut as field coordinator, said the peaceful rally to commemorate Human Rights Day in Manokwari future action was blocked by the police with no apparent reason. But eventually the police give this permission on the condition that future action must use the vehicle, are not allowed to walk.
"The actions of some college Manokwari also joined. During the action we were confronted with a reason to disrupt traffic so that future must use two or four wheeled vehicles with action points finish in front of the Golkar Sanggeng Manokwari. "
He continued, now speeding past action occurred anarchy by the police against future acts exactly in front of the Hotel Swissbell. Police beat future action, about a dozen students, using a cane, causing bruises around the body of both the head and body.
Arnold Halitopo, future actions are also witness to the beating case, said future action future action confused with vigilante actions by the police because of the negotiation process is already well underway.
"The police issue the word" fast road we were bored, quickly. , , cried all the police, swinging a cane them against future action, "said Arnold Halitopo, via cell phone.
He continued, arrived at the finish time of action giving speeches and reading of statement. Exactly 13.30 WP-time action put an end to the rally and disperse.
Separately, police chief Adjunct Senior Manokwari Cristian Rony Putra, when confirmed, via a short message saying there was no beating of mass action. According to him, even Kasipropam Manokwari Police were beaten so that members of the police officers who Mmemukul Kasipropam pursue fleeing when being secured.
"They are also not registered as CSOs in Kesbangpol and also at the demo no demo license if there must be permission from the police and its implementation must be orderly," said Chief of Police. (*)
The following names of victims of beatings by police officers Manokwari:
1.Lamek Loho 20th (whole body in the car Dalmas Persecuted Police)
2.Nies Wilil 22th (neck back)
3.Titus Peyon 19th (Head, ears)
4.Yulius Woy 17th (Backs)
5.Naos Elopere 17th (Kena hand)
6.Anton Silak 19th (Part feet)
7.E.Mekison Yare 19th (Right Hand)
Major 8.Oto 20th (back of head)
9.Yhonai Weby 20th (Head and back)

A google translate. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa link at
Sabtu, 10 Desember 2016 — 14:43
2) After his release, 14 KNPB members arrested again
News Portal Papua No. 1 | Jubi,

Action graffiti around Abepura KNPB Friday (9/12) led to 17 people were detained 1×24 hours – Doc. KNPB

Jayapura, Jubi – Right on the anniversary of International Human Rights Day, 14 of the 17 members of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) newly released Abepura Police Sector was again arrested around Padangbulan, Jayapura, on Saturday (10/12/2016).
"Approximately at 11:04 in front of the Police Station Padangbulan, approximately 14 members of KNPB newly released is recaptured," the statement Mecky Yeimo, the Governing Body KNPB to Jubi on the sidelines of a peaceful demonstration Rights Day International in Pigeon, Abepura, Saturday (10 / 12/2016).Those arrested include Hosea Yeimo, Onchen Balingga, Alo Yeimo, Omis Raz Balingga, Ario Wanimbo, Robet W Yelemaken, Akamouwa Kadepa, Jhek Mote, Venus Kabak, Jhon Matuan, Weko Werentus Kogoya, Beni Yatipai, Oti Yeimo, and Denius Murip ,
Alfince Degei, a student witnessed the arrest. "Yes, I saw them (members of KNPB) in Padangbulan with the police are pretty much being fresh raw, and hold police and asked kam want to do anything, then somehow they had taken to bring the police here," he told Jubi in Melati, Abepura.
Abepura police chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Korwa Arnolis when met at the same place, confirmed the arrest.
"Yes, how did we bring, they do more scratch scratch in Padang Bulan who had just come out. It was how can not understand at all," said AKBP Korwa.
It said four people currently in Abepura police station. "Let them there until the afternoon, so thoughtful," he said.
Confirmed related actions of the members of the KNPB, Mecky Yeimo confirms that KNPB commit acts of graffiti is fully conscious.
"Since the beginning of my friends already know what they are doing. What we write it is the political will Papuans not given the space to be delivered widely, so we will continue to do so," said Mecky.
Earlier, on Friday (9/12) 17 members were arrested around Melati KNPB Abepura for committing acts of graffiti (scratch scratch the wall) related to Referendum and Papua Merdeka. They were released on Saturday (10/12) morning around 10:00. (*)

3) UN makes call on Tahiti’s self-determination
42 minutes ago
The United Nations has adopted a resolution asking France to put in place a self-determination process for French Polynesia.
The resolution said the people of French Polynesia should freely choose its political status, noting that over 30 years France carried out nuclear weapons tests which have had an impact on health and the environment.
It called on France to intensify the dialogue despite French Polynesia’s government in October calling for the territory to be removed from the United Nations decolonisation list.
France has refused to organise a referendum in Tahiti despite being asked by the territorial assembly three years ago.
France pulled the so-called French Establishments in Oceania off the UN decolonisation list in 1947 – 67 years after it annexed the erstwhile Kingdom of Tahiti.
However, in 2013 the UN General Assembly returned French Polynesia to the list.
The move angered Paris which labelled it as glaring interference by the UN and it has shunned co-operation with the UN on the matter.
France does however recognise the UN in the decolonisation process of its other Pacific territory, New Caledonia, which is due for a referendum on independence within two years.

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