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Formal legal complaint to the UN Human Rights Council

June 27, 2016

Press release: The people of West Papua demand international legal action from UN against systemic human rights violations by Indonesia

Human rights law firm Prakken D’Oliveira has submitted a formal legal complaint to the UN Human Rights Council, detailing a series of vast and continuing human rights violations committed by the State of Indonesia against the people of West Papua. See: Zie

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 25th 2016

The Foundation St. Legal Aids for the People of West Papua, assisted by the renowned Amsterdam-based human rights law firm Prakken D’Oliveira, has filed an official complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council, on behalf of the Federal State Republic of West Papua (Negara Republik Federal Papua Barat) and its president Forkorus Yaboisembut, as well as on behalf of nineteen unnamed citizens of West Papua.

Demand for legal action

A comprehensive historical and legal document, the complaint sets out a vast and varied array of human-rights abuses suffered by the West Papuan people from the moment of Indonesian annexation of West Papua in 1963 to the present day. After more than fifty years of death and destruction in West Papua, the complainants now submit that it is time for international legal action.

The complainants urge the UN to formally formally condemn the State of Indonesia for committing systemic human rights violations against the people of West Papua. It is hoped that the Human Rights Council will undertake a thorough factual and legal inquiry leading to the passage of a UN resolution condemning the Indonesian government. Additionally, the complainants strive for recognition of the rights of West Papua and the Declaration of Independence that was proclaimed on October 19th, 2011. Also, the complainants strive for the initiation of formal negotiations between the Republic State of Indonesia and the Federal State Republic of West Papua, and a transfer from administrative power from the former to the latter. Additionally, The United Nations would be called upon to serve as an international mediator.

Public launch of legal campaign

The submission of the complaint will mark the beginning of a legal campaign that strives for improved self-determination and independence of the West Papuan community, as well as an end to the ongoing policy of systemic human rights violations committed by the state of Indonesia.

On June 25th at 2PM, Human Rights lawyer Göran Sluiter of law agency Prakken D’Oliveira gave a presentation about the legal complaint and subsequent legal campaign to the Dutch Papuan community at kerkgebouw De Voorhof in Nieuwegein.

The full text of the legal complaint is available on the link http: //

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