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Press release from legal team for the collision which killed Robert Jitmau

May 29, 2016

Police should investigate the collision which killed Robert Jitmau now.

Press Release

Legal team for the case of Robert Jitmau, killed in a car crash.

Jayapura, 27 May 2016 – On the morning of 20th May 2016, Robert Jitmau
died after being hit by an Inova car bearing a police numberplate
(DS1497 AO) on an entrance to the ring road in Hamedi, near Jayapura.
Before the crash, Robert Jitmau had been picked up from Entrop by Yusup
Sraun and Alpius Jitmau, and then went towards Dok V and afterwards to
the TVRI station in Bhayangkara. From Bhayangkara Robert and his two
friends went to the Hotel Aston where Yusup Sraun got out of the car to
met Krispus Kambuaya at the hotel. The four men then went towards Entrop
and then to the ring road. They used two cars, with Krispus Kambuaya
travelling alone.

Shortly after arriving at the ring road, Robert Jitmau called two
companions, Nehemia Yarinap and Melianus Duwitau, asking them to come
to the ring road. Shortly after 04.00am the two friends arrived at the
Ring Road on motorbike taxis. Robert sat down and chatted to them. The
crash which killed him took place shortly afterwards.

The police have told local media that the crash which killed Robert
Jitmau was completely accidental. They have also stated that they have
questioned witnesses Yusup Sraun, Krispus Kambuaya, Nehemia Yarinap and
Musa Rujatobi, as well as three people believed to be responsible for
the crash: Herep Patay (the owner of the vehicle with police number
plates DS1497 AO), Ronald Edwin Metiaman and Dolfinus Abraham Sefia.
In the police statement to the media the police didn’t mention that:
1. There was a fight between one of Robert’s friends, Nehemia Yarinap,
and someone who got out of the car that crashed into him.
2. The police have not yet questioned another friend, Melianus Duwitau,
who was at the incident location. Melianus Duwitau is still being
treated in the Dian Haarapan Hospital as he was also injured in the crash.
3. Also, the whereabouts of Alpius Jitmau are still unknown, even though
he was a witness who was present when the incident took place.
Unfortunately however, the police have been too fast to draw the
conclusion that Robert Jitmau’s death was a purely accidental traffic
collision, even before all the witnesses to the incident had been

The police have been given the authority to unearth the facts, and have
a duty to conduct a full and professional investigation, prioritising
the truth and justice over all other interests.

Because of this, the Legal Team for the Robert Jitmau case are asking
the police to carry out a thorough, full, comprehensive and transparant
investigation of this case before coming to any conclusions about the
collision which killed Robert Jitmau.

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