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Press Statement : Herman Wainggai, 2016 Nobel Peace Prize nominee calls for United Nations Mediation in the West Papuan right to Self Determination

May 4, 2016

West Papua Mission to the United Nations

New York City, USA

Press Statement, May 5, 2016

Herman Wainggai, 2016 Nobel Peace Prize nominee calls for United Nations Mediation in the West Papuan right to Self Determination

The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) will be held on May 9 to May 20, 2016, at the UN Headquarters in New York City for three weeks. The theme of the Permanent Forum’s fifteenth session is Indigenous Peoples: conflict, peace and resolution. During these three weeks meetings, all the Indigenous peoples’ organizations and member states will come together and hold discussions about their own experiences and issues they are facing in their own countries.

For West Papua, Mr. Herman Wainggai has been meticulously and energetically leveraging every moment of his time in Australia and currently in the Washington, D.C. to bring to the world the struggles of his people in West Papua. He is a vociferous internationally recognized human rights leader. He selflessly invested more than twenty years of his precious life to furthering the cause of West Papua’s independence. His goal is to promote his people’s vision for a West Papuan self-determination, which is guaranteed by international law. This is in stark contrast to the inhumanity they suffered on a daily basis at the hands of the Indonesian government.

During his time at the UNPFII, Mr. Wainggai strongly requested for the United Nations to give a serious and earnest attention to the struggle of West Papua in this three week session on conflict, peace and resolution.

Inquiries: Herman Wainggai, Federal Republic of West Papua‘s representative to the United Nations. Email: Web:


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