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AWPA Summary of events in West Papua for February

March 7, 2016

Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

PO Box 28, Spit Junction, NSW 2088

Summary of events in West Papua for February (–6 March) 2016

ULMWP opens office in Wamena
The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) opened an office in Wamena on the 15 February. A number of the human rights defenders and peaceful activists who attended the opening have been threatened by members of the security forces. A Catholic priest, Father John Djonga faces possible treason charges simply because he led a prayer service on the 15th to inaugurate the office building of the Papuan Customary Council, where a banner of the ULMWP was unveiled. Father Djonga has maintained that his presence at the ceremony to open a community service building was purely pastoral. Uncan news (4 March) reported that the police may question Father John Djonga for a second time on treason charges. Father Djonga appeared at the police station in the district’s capital on Feb. 26 after consulting with Franciscan Bishop Leo Laba Ladjar of Jayapura. Accompanied by a lawyer, he answered 55 questions from two police officers during the four-hour meeting. Police have said they may call on Father Djonga for further questioning.

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