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Nabire: Akudiomi village government forbids forest and marine resource exploitation.

February 19, 2016

Nabire: Akudiomi village government forbids forest and marine resource

Akudiomi village in Yaur subdistrict of Nabire Regency (also known as
Kwatisore village) looks out over the Cenderawasih Bay Marine National
Park, and is home to whale sharks which are frequently visited by local
and foreign tourists.

Several days ago (10/02/2016) in the Akudiomi village hall, the village
administration held a meeting with the community, tribal leaders and
religious and church leaders to discuss prohibiting the exploitation of
forest and marine products by companies. Many companies have been
operating in the village’s administrative area recently, damaging the

The village took this step because its natural environment is being
plundered and destroyed by people acting irresponsibly. Fishermen from
outside Akudiomi are destroying the sea which provides local peoples
livelihood by dynamite, potassium and poison. Villagers say that large
numbers of dead fish can be seen floating around the area due to people
using these destructive techniques.

Another reason is that the sea around their village faces the protected
Cenderawasih Bay National Park, which should compel the community and
village administration to take a firm stand in looking after the area
for the future.

This prohibition also applies to their forest, where they will stop all
businesses that try to operate. This represents the shared commitment of
the Akudiomi village community.

Following on from this decision, all businesses will be cleared out of
the Akudiomi customary and administrative territory on the 22nd February
2016, when the village government and the whole village community will
join in a ‘cleaning’ operation. Copies of the decision were also sent to
the Consultative Leadership Board (Muspida) and other relevant parties.

Report by Robertino Hanebora


English Translation:

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