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Human Rights violations in December 2014, a Concern for Komnas Ham

November 19, 2015

Statement by Executive Director of LP3BH

The case of serious human rights violations in Enarotali, District
of Paniai on 8 December 2014 has now become the responsibility of the
National Human Rights Commission (KOMNAS HAM)

The Chief of Police of Papua (Kapolda) of the District of Paniai
Irjen Drs Paulus Waterpauw said this at a recent meeting held in
Jakarta, in response to questions raised by the people in the Land of
Papua, who wanted to know when these violations would be resolved by a
court of law.

According to the community in Paniai and activists, the
responsibility for handling this lies in the hands of the KOMNAS HAM.
This will be a major case in resolving this issue

According to the findings of the preliminary investigations
undertaken by KOMNAS HAM, the conclusions indicate that violations
against a large number of civilians had been perpetrated by members
of the security forces, an issue which needs further investigation.

In view of this, KOMNAS HAM has come to the conclusion that what
happened on that occasion was a very serious violation of human rights
as defined in Article 7 and Article 9 of Law 2/2000 on Human Rights

This means that from this moment, the KOMNAS HAM should act
immediately on this case in Paniai in accordance with the mechanisms
and procedures laid down in above mentioned laws.

According to Article 18, para (1) and para (2) of Law 26/2000 on
Human Rights Courts, this has become the responsibility of KOMNAS HAM
to undertake the investigations by setting up an Ad Hoc Team.

Resolving these Paniai case as well as the numerous other cases of
violations that have occurred during the past fifty years in which
people in Papua became the victims will to some extent improve the
reputation of the Republic of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.

This means that the Government of Indonesian must begin to focus
seriously on the implementation of Articles 44 and 45 of Law 21/2001
on Special Autonomy for the Province of West Papua by setting up
Court on Basic Basic Human rights and a Commission of Truth and
Reconciliation, as well as strengthening the role of KOMNAS HAM in the
Province of Papua and the Province of West Papua.


Yan Christian Warinussy, Lawyer and Defender of Human Rights,
Executive Director of the LP3BH, [Institute of Research, Analysis and
Development of Legal Aid], Manokwari, Recipient of the John Humphreys
Freedom Award, 2005, Canada.

Translated by Carmel Budiardjo, Recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, 1995

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