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Security Minister guarantees Filep Karma’s security and freedom of speech

August 19, 2015

(translated via google translate)

Jakarta, Indonesia CNN – Coordinating Minister for Political, Law and Security, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, ensuring political prisoners from Papua who will soon breathe free air, Filep Karma, freedom of speech.

Luhut statement addressing this out Filep plan called reluctant exit from Abepura Penitentiary because it is not going to get their basic rights like the right to speech and expression.

"If he does not want to come out, no problem. But the matter of freedom of speech, I love to know him, I will protect him, all follow the rules of the game," said Luhut Kemenko Polhukam while in office, Jakarta, yesterday evening.

Luhut said he was referring to the rules should not spread false news to the public. Luhut that today the status of the Chief of Staff of the Presidency said, false news or slander in contrast to the complaint.

"You do not slander. If you talk in the context of the complaint and data are available, please," he said

Luhut said the government will not do any preparation ahead of the release of Filep from prison. He says, though found guilty for raising the Morning Star flag (the symbol of the Free Papua Organization), Filep what was not in the category of the crime of treason.

"Makar was right to be armed," said Luhut.

Although one can not say treason, Luhut hope there will be no raising of the Morning Star flag in the two eastern provinces in Indonesia, Papua and West Papua.

Filep free news last week reported one of the major media of Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald. In that article, Filep referred to as leader of the Papuan people’s struggle for independence.

The article also contains a statement Filep are reluctant to breathe free air before getting bail would not be under threat of violence and intelligence agents under surveillance.

Filep was jailed for 15 years for raising the Morning Star flag on 1 December 2004. On 17 August, Filep receive remission of independence that makes future criminal exhausted.

CNN Indonesia, last May, an assistant Filep named Ruth Naomi declared Filep would not appeal for clemency to the President Joko Widodo.

At that time, Jokowi recently visited Papua and released five political prisoners Papua Merdeka detained in prison Abepura, Jayapura. They are Linus Hiluka, Numbungga, Apotnagolik, Kimanus Wenda, and Yaprai Muri.

"If clemency right (like) apologized. You did not want, "said Naomi.

Something similar is said Papua Peace Network Coordinator, Peter Father Neles Tebay. "Filep Karma did not want a pardon because he thought no longer need to admit mistakes as a condition (asking for clemency)," said Neles..

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