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Violence Is Not the Way Keeping Papua

July 6, 2015
Violence Is Not the Way Keeping Papua
July 6, 2015

Yogyakarta, Jubi – “It’s such a nightmare for Indonesia if they wanted to maintain Papua through violence, arrest, murder, detention and massacre over Papuans, in particular the humanitarian activists in Papua,” Papuan councilor Laurenzus Kadepa told Jubi on Friday (3/7/2015) from Jayapura.

Many violations were happening in the land of Papua for more than five decades after being forced to integrate with Indonesia. The Indonesian Government reveals none of those cases up to now. It indicates that Papua is not part of Indonesia.

“The unrevealed actors of the human right violation cases in Papua including the shooting incident that killed four students and injured dozens of residents in Paniai on 8 December 2014 is evidence of state failure for Papuans,” Kaidepa said. According to him, the Indonesian treatment over Papuans turned Papuans to consider Indonesia is not their country. “Now Papuans are not considering Indonesia as their country. It’s all happened due to the repressive acts of Indonesian Security Forces in doing their task in Papua,” he said.

He further said in the traumatic condition and the Paniai case has not yet settled, another shooting incident in similar reason has been occurred and killed a boy and injured dozens in Ugapaga, Dogiyai, Papua. According to police’s investigation, the perpetrator is identified as Unknown Person (OTK). This act was strongly hurt the victims’ family.

“Through such violence and their repressive acts triggering endlessly human right violations in Papua, both Military and Police could damage the image of State in front of the world community,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Solidarity of Papuan Student Concerned on Human Right Issue in Papua demanded the President Joko Widodo to professionally settle the recent cases of murder by Indonesian Security Forces in Papua, because the murders are continuing to be occurred in the entire land of Papua, including the Paniai Case.

“We asked Jokowi to solve the shooting case over a junior high school boy on 26 June 2015 by the security forces member in Ugaouga, Dogiyai, as well as to solve the massacre over four students on 8 December 2014 in Paniai,” Donatus Douw, the Secretary General of Solidarity of Papua Student Concerned on Human Right Issue in Papua to Jubi through email on Thursday (2/7/2015) from Surabaya. (Arnold Belau/rom)

Vanuatu Daily Post
2) Letter re Biak Massacre
Dear Editor,
The West Papuan flag, The Morning Star was raised on the 2 July in 1998 on top of a water tower near the harbour in Biak town.

Up to seventy-five people gathered beneath it singing songs and holding traditional dances. As the rally continued many more people in the area joined in with numbers reaching up to 500 people.
On the 6 July the Indonesian security forces attacked the demonstrators massacring scores of people. The victims, included women and children who had gathered for a peaceful rally. They were killed at the base of the water tower. Other Papuans were rounded up and later taken out to sea where they were thrown off naval ships and drowned. No security force personal were ever charged over the killings.
One of the most well known political prisoners Filep Karma was involved in organising the rally. He was wounded in both legs and sentenced to 6 years in prison. He was released two years later when Wahid became president in 2000. However, in 2004 he was again arrested for raising the West Papuan flag at a peaceful rally and was sentenced to 15 years in jail for treason.
It is tragic that 17 years after the Biak massacre West Papuans are still being killed, arrested and jailed for peacefully protesting about the injustice they suffer under Indonesian rule. We keep hearing how Indonesia is now a democracy, yet during May, the security forces cracked down on a number of peaceful rallies called by civil society organisations in West Papua with over 400 peaceful demonstrators arrested and many were beaten.
And on the 3 July 2015 in Fak- Fak 40 people were arrested simply because they held a thanksgiving service because West Papua had achieved observer status at the MSG.
The Free West Papua Campaign Sydney held a vigil to Commemorate the Biak Massacre on Friday 3 July.
Joe Collins
Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

3) Transparency Vanuatu welcomes govt position
Updated at 3:53 pm on 6 July 2015
Transparency Vanuatu has welcomed Prime Minister Sato Kilman’s clarification of his government’s position on West Papua’s recent bid to become a member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

This comes after scathing criticism from the prime minister over a Transparency article calling for the government to make its position known.
The Transparency chair, Willie Tokon says the prime minister’s call for the body not to stir up trouble over West Papua is misdirected.
He says the harshest criticism of the government is coming via social media and talk back radio.
"Some people are using very, very harsh language, some of them threatening language, some vulgar language. But there is a way to deal with these kind of issues. So I think with his statement on Saturday morning it has put everybody in clear picture of where we stand"
Dr Tokon says Mr Kilman announced at the weekend that his government fully supports West Papua’s push for recognition and the achievement of MSG observer status by the United Liberation Movement for West Papua as an important first step.
MSG leaders last month granted the ULM observer status to the sub-regional body and elevated Indonesia’s status from observer to associate member.
4) Officers Mistreat A Civilian at Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency
July 6, 2015

Yogyakarta, Jubi –Mobile Brigade officers reportedly tortured a civilian in front of Guest House at Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency.

“Yesterday I had beaten by Mobile Brigade officers that caused injury and bleeding on my lips,” the victim Missael Maisini told Jubi on Thursday (2/7/2015) from Sugapa, Intan Jaya.

He claimed he is Chief Editor of Tabloid Intan Jaya that jointly managed with the Public Relation of Intan Jaya Regional Government. At that time, he came to the Regent Guest House to collect the outstanding payment amounted 62 million rupiah to Intan Jaya Regional Regency. Because his demand didn’t get any attention, he wanted to seal the Guest House, and at that time the officers beat him.

“They (officers) were not only beat me, but they also pointed their guns and wanted to shoot me but they didn’t do it because a lot of people were around the Guest House,” he explained.

Related to this incident, the Public Relation Section Head of Intan Jaya Regency, Andreas Sudarwanto couldn’t be confirmed after being called for several times by Jubi.

Meanwhile, the Chief Editor of Harian Papua Pos Nabire, Suroso confirmed his media company assisted the editing and printing of Tabloid Intan Jaya. Papua Pos Nabire printing company usually prints the tabloid in Nabire. Suroso thought what was happening between the officers and Misael is only their internal problem and it happened because of misunderstanding.

“Because the Public Relation Section Head would come to Nabire soon and will sit together with him for a solution. The incident was happening because of misunderstanding,” he said. (Arnold Belau/rom)


5) SK 11/2015 MRP Indicates Burden of Conflict
July 6, 2015

Jayapura, Jubi – Both academician of Cenderawasih University Ferry Kareth and Secretarly General of Papua Presidium Council Thaha Alhamid shared common view related to Papua People’s Assembly Decree No.11/2015 that it would have potency to raise the horizontal conflict.

In dialogue to hear the people’s aspirations held by Papua People’s Assembly and customary/intellectual figures and law practitioners in Jayapura City on Saturday (4/7/2015), academician Ferry Kareth explained the Decree No.11/2015 about to recommend the candidates of regional head and deputy head must be indigenous Papuan is a recommendation without engaged legal aspect. If it wasn’t good socialized it could trigger a horizontal conflict among the community that could have high cost impact in next election process.

In line with the decree, Kareth asked the Papua People’s Assembly and Regional Government to encourage the amendment of Special Autonomy Law so the Decree No.11/2015 could be adjusted and have binding and engaged legal power. “If not, the decree would be ignore and as executor, the Election Committee would never use it in the election on next December. Because they will refer to the Regulation No.8/2015 about the election of governor, regent and mayor as the legal basis,” said Kareth.

He added the Papua People’s Assembly obliges to socialize the decree to public to avoid the raising of any conflict.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General of Papua Presidium Council Thaha Al Hamid admitted the decree would be a source of conflict if it’s not set in the proper legal aspect. “I am very concerned that the horizontal conflict would be occurred and I think this decree has enough potential to do so. I also propose the police to immediately review this condition so they could find out the root of many issues that possibly to be raised,” he said.

Papua People’s Assembly member George Awi said he would submitted the result of this meeting to the Chairman of Papua People’s Assembly for making the decree could become a gateway of amendment of the Special Autonomy Law so that indigenous Papuan could be the leader on their own land. “There’s a feedback from the meeting that we would anticipate now is the opinion that we should prevent the occurrence of conflict,” he said. (Sindung Sukoco/rom)


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