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Indonesian Delegates Protest at MSG Forum Over Speech by Papuan Pro-Independence Leader

June 30, 2015

Indonesian Delegates Protest at MSG Forum Over Speech by Papuan Pro-Independence Leader

Honiara, Jubi – Indonesian delegation reacted strongly to a speech by the General Secretary of the United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) at a meeting of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

Oktovianus Mote said ULMWP stood before MSG to affirm that the group have fulfilled the requirements demanded by MSG at a meeting in Noumea, New Caledonia in 2013.

“The people of West Papua are united under the leadership of ULMWP. And our unity is supported by the Melanesian people. Our leadership has been legitimized by more than 55,000 people who signed the petition supporting ULMWP application for full membership. Many of the applicants had been arrested, imprisoned and tortured, “Mote said in his speech.

He said for 53 years Papua nation has been struggling against the colonial rulers of Indonesia and suffered human rights abuses. He claimed that at least 500,000 have been killed.

He also claimed the Indonesian crimes against Melanesians in West Papua has been widely recognized in various international and regional levels such as the European Union, the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, the Pacific Islands Forum, and MSG).

“Ten years ago, Juan Mendes, UN special rapporteur for the Prevention of Genocide mentioned that West Papua is as one of ten countries around the world that could be extinct unless there’s international attention. Various academics and international human rights organizations have detailed the genocide that occurred in West Papua. In the next 5 years, Papuans will be less than 29% of the population in our own land. Our Melanesian identity, our Christian identity is under threat of a large wave of migrants from Indonesia and the Muslim-dominated Asia, “he explained.

Mandy Setyawati, who led the Indonesian delegation, released a statement denouncing the speech.

“We reject all accusations that are unfounded and false submitted by an organization calling themselves ULMWP. We have absolutely no interest in taking advantage of this forum in things that are not productive and constructive, ” the Indonesian delegation said in the statement released to reporters in Honiara.

The Indonesian delegation also said that, as a democracy, Indonesia respects the law and quality under the rule of the Indonesian state.

“Through our records, we requested that we refrain from giving statements relating to the goals and objectives of MSG’s organization,” wrote the Indonesian delegation, at the end of the press release. (Victor Mambor/Tina)


2) Wenda optimistic of people’s support

Published: 30 June 2015

The wind of change is here making it impossible for Melanesian leaders to ignore the significant growing support for West Papua, says Benny Wenda the spokesperson of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).

Wenda, who left the country yesterday told the media during ULMWP final press conference at the Heritage Park Conference centre that West Papua is a matter for the Melanesian and will always a regional issue for the pacific.

“Today we will raise the morning star flag to mark this historical moment of political recognition, with the Melanesian family firmly behind us to take our message to the world,” Wenda stressed.

Wenda also said that the people of Melanesia have made their struggle for self-determination a cause for everyone.

“I would like to thank our pacific family, especially our Melanesian people, the solidarity groups, civil society groups young people, university student movement, churches, women groups, traditional chiefs, parliamentarians, political leaders and the media who stood with us to get this recognition,” Wenda stated.

He further extended his acknowledgement to the people of West Papua, the migrant population and the churches for their overwhelming support through petitions despite the risks of doing so.

“Your signatures to support our petition clearly speak the volume of support,”Wenda added.



3) ’Msg denied us’

Published: 30 June 2015

The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) claimed that Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) failed their words when they elevated Indonesia to an associated member while granting ULMWP observer status.

This was revealed at the closing of the MSG 20th summit at the Heritage Park Conference Centre during a press conference with the West Papuan delegation.

Secretary General to ULMWP Octovianus Mote said, the MSG summit in Noumea (Kanaky) in 2013 had recognised West Papua for self determination, and at the special MSG leaders meeting in Port Moresby in 2014, which a criteria was set requiring West Papuans be united before they could be considered through an application for MSG membership.

“We want to know whether Indonesia government has followed the same process to apply for MSG membership or not?” Mote questioned.

He continued to say Indonesia never go through the MSG criteria of unification with the indigenous people of West Papua, a condition imposed on them but yet denied full membership in MSG.

“We were demanded to do a lot of things, which costs us lot of money to be fulfilled, but again we were denied and the Asians who never sought the consent of indigenous West Papuans to represents them were elevated in MSG,’’ he said.

“Why the process of applying here is so biased?” Mote asked. “Indonesia never collected signatures of their integrated region of West Papua, in order to represent the Melanesian people there,” he added.

He further stated that ULMWP was elected by 500 delegates representing seven customary region of West Papua, and consisting of more than 257 tribes in July 2011.

Secretary General to ULMWP also stated that their unification was sponsored by the government and people of Vanuatu, the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs and Vanuatu Council of Churches.

He added the unification and reconciliation was facilitated by the Pacific Conference of Churches on December 2014.

“We were elected by representatives of the three largest West Papuan coalitions with broad based support from non-affiliated groups, including churches, traditional chiefs, youth and students, NGOs and women’s groups,” Mote stated.

Mote further stated the argument raised by the PNG Prime Minister and the Fiji Prime Minister saying that their case is different from the Kanaks because they were fighting from outside does not reflected the truth about the real situation, he said.


4) Melanesians Record Their Big History in Honiara

Honiara, Jubi – Manasseh Sogavare, the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, is the one who should be recorded in the history of the nation of Papua. Sogavare, who replaced Gordon Darcy Lilo last year, stood firmly for Papua in facing two Melanesian giants, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. The leaders of both countries have no doubt become the foremost leaders in Melanesia, and even in the Pacific. But the religious leader Sogavare has brought his people’s mandate.

That happened during the meeting of four Melanesian leaders and a leader of the Liberation Movement in the Melanesia Spearhead Group. Fiji and PNG have long time confirmed their support for the application of Associate Member proposed by Indonesia. PNG also clearly said it would not support the full membership application of West Papua, while Fiji did not indicate their support of the Papuan application.

On the other hand, Vanuatu affirmed their support to accommodate the unification of faction and resistance groups in West Papua in Port Villa in December 2014. However, the fall of Joe Natuman in June has raised questions about Vanuatu’s position and its participation in the 20th MSG Summit in Honiara, 25 – 26 June 2015. Later, the Vanuatu court banned the new Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Sato Kilman and the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Moana Kalosil from leaving the country. As a result, Director General of Prime Minister Office represented Vanuatu to face Bainimarama and O’Neil who are influential in the Melanesia and Pacific region.

The history and status of Front de Libération Nationale Kanak et Socialiste (FLNKS) who is the traditional supporter of West Papua was undeniable reason of the support of Kanak nation over West Papua in MSG. But its status as Kanak liberation movement in New Caledonia instead of independent country has become its obstruction to argue against Fiji and PNG.
The only country that has strong position in MSG to encounter Fiji and PNG is Solomon Islands. The Prime Minister Sogavare is also getting supports from his people and residents of Honiara and Guadalcanal province.

In the MSG Summit, Fiji and PNG approved the Indonesian application. PNG refused the application of ULMWP who represent West Papuan people while Fiji had no response to this application. The Solomon Islands support the application of ULMWP and rejected the Indonesian application. FLNKS and Vanuatu also gave their support to ULMWP and ignored the Indonesian application. After the plenary session of MSG leaders summit in Heritage Park Hotel on 26 June 2015, Jubi interviewed each MSG leaders.

The Prime Minister of Fiji Veroqe Binimarama admitted the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) is significant organization that represent West Papuans’ point of view outside of Papua. He also believed ULMWP has view on what should be happened with Melanesian people in West Papua. “Off course, our decision to support West Papua as observer is for everyone’s benefit. ULMWP must be brought in the process of change of Melanesian in Papua. It is not a lost for ULMWP. This is their opportunity. They must used this privilege to cooperate with MSG to bring change towards West Papuan people,” said Bainimarama.

He also said the entire parties in MSG must be step up to the new era, collaborate with all parties to obtain the best achievement for West Papuan people. It might be not the best way, but it is the only way to improve the condition of West Papuan people.

“We are not able to erase the history of West Papua and some negative aspects of the history that we had admitted in Noumea, including the significant human right violations. But Indonesia that is currently under the new leaders is one of most motivated democratic country. And at the national level, Indonesia also committed to correct some mistakes of the past and put the West Papua in new paradigm,” Bainimarama said.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of PNG, Peter O’Neil kept his statement before the MSG Summit. According to him, the MSG leaders’ decision to include other Melanesian from Indonesia is very historical step. “We welcome them as our Melanesian family. Like others in Melanesian region, we want the same thing. We want peace and better standard of living for our family. We will keep working together to achieve our goal as expected by our people,” said O’Neil.

The Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Manasseh Sogavare firmly said accepting the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) as observer is eventually a big history for Melanesian nations. “Although in MSG Communiqué, ULMWP is identified as representative of West Papuan people outside of Indonesia, the fact is ULMWP is the representation of West Papuan people. The ULMWP leaders were elected in the congress held in Papua in 2011 that opened by Indonesian official. Five ULMWP leaders reelected by three biggest Papuan groups: WPNCL, NRFPB and Regional People’s Council. ULMWP also had legitimation from West Papua National Committee (KNPB) and Papua Liberation Army/Free Papua Movement,” Sovagare explained behind the support of the people of Solomon Islands.

He added he accepted petition collected by ULMWP signed by the groups of youth, customary, church, academic, women and students.

“Therefore I reject the Indonesian application and accept the application of West Papua. What I have done is the will of the people of Solomon Islands. Our people must stand to help their Melanesian brothers in West Papua,” he further said.

FLNKS that for first time invited Papuan Nation in the MSG Forum mentioned their experience to support Palestine and South Africa as the other reason to support West Papua, besides the similarity of their status with West Papuan people. “Probably there is a question about our sovereignty and our position as organization instead of country. But today we are not speaking about our sovereignty, we talked about the human right, universal human right. Just like us, Papuan nation want a freedom and sovereignty as a nation. Therefore we gave our support. We invited Papua in Noumea in 2013,” FLNKS leader Victor Tutugoro said.

He admitted he accepted the report about many factions in Papua. Therefore MSG was against the Papuan nation to unite and propose new application in MSG Summit in Noumea in 2013. “FLNKS also had many factions, many groups claimed as representatives of Kanak. But the MSG leaders challenged us to unite and we did it. Therefore FLNKS could stand with MSG right now. What we have done also applied by Papuans in 2014. They were united in Port Villa to establish ULMWP. And now they are recognized in MSG. The status of observer gave the opportunity for Papuan nation to talk in the Melanesian Regional Forum about the universal human right of Papuan,” Tutugoro said.

Tutugoro who earlier was the Chairman of MSG before being replaced by Sogavare ensured ULMWP would be invited in every MSG meeting. “I do not see that ULMWP would say that they are outside of Papua. ULMWP as declared in Port Villa would bring the mandate of Papuans, just like us to bring the mandate of Kanaks,” he said.

Meanwhile, Vanuatu as traditional supporter of West Papua never changed their attitude. But the internal political problem has made the leaders of this country not able to participate in the summit. “Our commitment has never changed. Vanuatu still gives support to West Papua. But due to political problem, we should divide our focus. But, Vanuatu is the biggest supporter of West Papua. It’s no doubt,” said John Naviti Marakipule, the Director General of Vanuatu Prime Minister Office. (Victor Mambor/rom)

5) Police Probes Crime Scene after Shooting in Digiyai

Jayapura, Jubi – Police were investigating the scene where an unidentified person opened fire, killing one person and wounding seven others in Ugapuga, Kamu Timur district, Dogiyai on Thursday (25/06/2015).

Papua police spokesman commissioner Patrige Renwarin said the crime scene investigation was led by division head of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation (Reskrimum) of Papua Police, assistant commissioner Darma Suwandita.

“The team managed to find eight of 5.56 millimeter caliber bullet casings at the scene. The team also presented witnesses, Melianus Mote to demonstrate some of the scenes at the time of the shooting, ” Renwarin said via short messages on Sunday (28/06/2015).

He said as many as 37 5.56-millimeter caliber shells and one cat bullet were found at the location. He said police also found 16 bullet casings and sharp 6.5-millimeter caliber on Friday.

“The survivor, Melianus Mote is now being questioned by a joint team at the Nabire police station. While there is no clarity about the funeral of one victimYoseni Agapa. So far the situation is safe and the community work as usual, “he said.

The injuries are Melianus Mote (16), Podepai Agapa (14), Julius Agapa (17), Junia Agapa (16), Ferry Goo (15), Neles Douw and Menki Agapa ,

Earlier, activists of Human Rights (HAM) Wulayah Mee Pago, Yones Douw said, the incident erupted when there was a blocking car action from Nabire to Dogiyai, by approximately eight youths at 08.00 pm. He said they asked for money Rp 50 -100 thousands

“The riders who feel aggrieved to report to the authorities, and then people dressed and armed thug

6) Release of Papua political prisoners strategic for Papua development Selasa, 30 Juni 2015 20:51 WIB | 410 Views

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The release of a number of Papua political prisoners was a strategic step toward development of the countrys easternmost provinces of West Papua and Papua, a special staff of the president Lenis Kogoya said.

The decision of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to set free five Papua political prisoners on May 9 was the first phase of the program for the development of the two provinces, which are far lagging behind in economic development, Lenis said here on Tuesday.

"That they are free to develop Indonesia together with us as they are also our country men," he said in a seminar on Release of Political Detainees-Prisoners, Resolution on Papua Problem,"

He said by releasing the prisoners, the president hoped to create mutual understanding of what the Papuans want as part of Indonesia.

"Papua is part of Indonesia. The prisoners were set free that they could contribute to economic development, improving education and health of the people of Papua," he said.

He said he had discussed with the president matters related to the release of the five men including the process of handing them over to their respective families and the facilities given them as a form of the governments obligation.

"I talked as the facilitator between the prisoners and the president," he said.

He said some of the former prisoners wanted education and others want to work and one wanted a house.

The president promised assistance and facilities, he said.

Meanwhile, political observer from the Populi Center, Nico Harjanto, said the release of Papua prisoners by phases was a realization of the commitment of President Jokowi to comprehensively settle the various Papuan problems especially economic and social imbalance leaving the countrys easternmost region far lagging behind.

"It would be good if the former prisoners who are local leaders, could be asked and be trained to join the system of administration. They are potential and genuine leaders that have to be involved in the system of administration," Nico said.

A similar policy was already practiced by Cuba and Brazil by involving indigenous people in the government administration, he said.

The five political prisoners set free by the president are Apotnalogolik Lokobal, who was serving a 20-year jail term, Numbungga Telenggen , serving a life sentence , Kimanus Wenda , sentenced to 19 years imprisonment, Linus Hiluka with 19-year jail term and Jefrai Murib serving a life sentence.

"Today we have set free five prisoners. This is the governments way to wholeheartedly stop the stigma of violence in Papua," President Jokowi said the day the five men were set free.

The five men were imprisoned for involvement in breaking a military arsenal in Wamena in 2003.

Jokowi said the clemency was an early step toward developing Papua without conflict.

The president wants that the clemency is seen as a move toward reconciliation to create lasting peace in Papua, observers said.

There around 90 more Papuan separatists still in jail.

The president has also announced that Papua is open to foreign journalists, a move internatioonally lauded. (Uu.H-ASG/A014)


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