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Plight Of West Papuan Women Forgotten

March 11, 2015

Plight Of West Papuan Women Forgotten
“There are a group of women that have been forgotten in this 2015 PNG National Womens Forum, women of whom 10, 000 plus are refugees from West Papua under Indonesian rule.”
“We are one people, one island, and we must stand up for the rights of these women, our sisters from West Papua.”
This was the moving and heartfelt call made earlier today by a local women’s leader Dorothy Tekwie during the PNG National Women’s Forum in Port Moresby.
“Many of these women are under oppression facing abuse, and even rape at this time and we are guilty of leaving them behind and forgetting about them.”
“This is the issue I wish to bring to the table, let us not forget the plight of West Papua and the women who suffer there.”
“How can we sit here and say we are talking about national issues affecting our women when there are refuges living in the country that are still yet to be acknowledged and receive assistance.”
Ms Tekwie further called on the PNG Government, leaders, Melanesian countries and the United Nations to remember the West Papua women, especially in such a high level forum.

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