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Human rights violations Part Two

December 5, 2014

In Solidarity,

Here follows the concluding paragraphs of a piece circulated yesterday
by Yan Christiian Warinusssy, Executive Director of the LP3BH.

The same also applies to the human rights violations which were
regarded as being genocidal, such as the events that occurred in the
Central Highlands reported by the Asian Human Rights Commission based
in Hong Kong.

The Bloody Biak incident on 6 June 1998 was such a terrible incident
that that was known as Pusara Without Name – Name Without Pusara [I
do not know the meaning of 'pusara'']

This incident would provide the Papuan people with the possibility
to insist on the perpetrators being called to account in a court of

Then there is the killing of 53 Papuan civilians on 28 July 1969
at the headquarters of TNI battalion 753 in Arfay-Manokwari which was
described as being genocidal , a case regarding which a solution
should be found immediately by means of legal mechanisms as stipulated
in Law 26/2000 in Human Rights Courts.

As a recipient of the John Humphreys freedom Award, I call upon the
President of the USA, Barack Obama, along with all states around the
world that have friendly ties with Indonesian, to pay close attention
to the human rights situation in Papua, in particular Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom. The Netherlands, Sweden,
France, Germany, PNG, South Africa, Singapore , South Korea and

Speaking on behalf of the indigenous people of West Papua, I call
upon world leaders to fully support all endeavours to solve the human
rights violations in West Papua and urge the Indonesian Government
under President Jokowi to stand by their pledge made during their
recent electioneering, to issue a political statement about Papua.

[Translated by Carmel Budiardjo]

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