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Human Rights Violations in West Papua

December 4, 2014

Report by the Executive-Director of the LP3BH on 27 November 2014. Yan
Christian Warinussy

As the Executive-Director of the LP3BH in Manokwari I call upon all
the people of West Papua to use the occasion of 1 December this year
as an occasion of ‘never forgetting’ all the human rights violations
which have been perpetrated by the security forces of the State
against the people of West Papua since 1963.

In my opinion, there is a great deal of information about actions
which have been perpetrated in violation of articles 7, 8 and 9 of
Law 26/2000 on Human Rights Courts as part of the implementation of
articles 45 and 46, Law 21/2001 on Special Autonomy for the Province
of Papua., with particular regard to establishing a Human Rights
Court in the Land of Papua as well as a Commission of Truth and

In this regard, I urge the Governor of West Papua, Abraham
Octavianus Atururi, to co-ordinate with the Representative of the
National Human Rights Commission – KOMNAS HAM to appoint a
representative of KOMNAS HAM in Manokwari. This is in accord with Law
39/1999 on Human Rights as well as the decision of the President of
the Republic of Indonesia No 50/1993 regarding KOMNAS HAM.

As is already widely known, a great deal of information is already
known of the systematic and structured human rights violations
perpetrated in the Land Of Papua and have also been noted in various
recommendations to the General Assembly of the United Nations in
Geneva. These matters are constantly being discussed at sessions of
various UN commissions and working groups and should surely be
included on the agenda of the UN General Assembly in the years to

The people of West Papua are acutely aware in particular of the
murder on 10 November 2001 of the leader of the People of West Papua,
Theys Hiyo Eluay, who was also probably tortured before being killed,
These crimes were perpetrated by an officer of the Indonesian Army –
TNI from the elite force of Kopassus along with his subordinates and
who was found guilty of the killing and served a brief sentence,
before being returned back to the ranks of theTNI.

Impunity is widespread here in West Papua but this was never
acknowledged by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia during
the presidency of Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono nor has anything been
done to create new laws regarding this.

I call on all components of the people of West Papua such as the
Dewan Adat Papua to take action in accordance with the laws in force
to urge the Government of Indonesia as well as the regional
administrations to establish a Human Rights Court as well as a
Commission of Truth and Reconciliation in the Land of Papua.

it is widdely known that gross human rights violations have
occurred in the Land of Papua ever since 1 May 1963, which means that
it is incumbent on the people of West Papua to draw the attention of
the current President, Jokowi to these matters as a matter of urgency.

We should also remember that the murder of Theys Hiyo Eluay was
covered in mystery and should now be investigated again to ensure
that the case is reviewed in accordance with relevant legal

[This is the first part of the translation of this report by Carmel Budiardjo.]

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