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In Solidarity with the People of West Papua – December 1 Morning Star Flag Raisings in 3 Nations

December 1, 2014

The word from inside West Papua is that there is a significant build-up of security forces in West Papua and that locals have been warned they will be shot if they raise the Morning Star flag.

Please send messages to your leaders urging them to insist that the Indonesian Government keeps a check on their security forces so that peaceful expression of political views on 1 December by Papuans is able to go ahead without intimidation or violence.

In Australia, send messages to Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop at and to local MPs and Senators also. You’ll find contact details at

Solidarity Actions


The West Papua Solidarity Group Brisbane will raise the Morning Star flag in King George Square, Brisbane City, at 11.30 a.m. on Monday 1 December.

Peter Arndt, WPSG Brisbane


Vanuatu PM: December 1 National Holiday Independence Papua in Vanuatu
By: Agus Pabika | Thursday, November 27th, 2014 – 21:43 pm | Viewed: 66 times

Jayapura, — Board Central West Papua National Committee (BP-KNPB) asked for the support of the people of West Papua prayer regarding the agenda of the meeting the leaders of West Papua fighters that will take place in Vanuatu, December 1, 2014.

KNPB spokesman, bazooka Logo, during a press conference on Thursday (27.11.14) afternoon, said the Prime Minister of Vanuatu Joe Natuman has announced December 1 as a national holiday to Vanuatu in providing support to the people of Papua.

"In addition to celebrating the moment of December 1, the symposium will also be held to bring together the ideas and perceptions of the political leaders of the people of West Papua, we are also happy because Vanuatu set December 1 as a national holiday," said a bazooka.

According to a bazooka, the symposium will be officially opened on December 1, 2014, and the closing will be held on December 4, 2014. (Read: December 1 Must Be Moment Against Forgot human rights violations in Papua).

West Papuan independence activists in some countries, like the Netherlands, PNG, Australia, England, New Zealand, and East Timor, reportedly also will celebrate the independence of West Papua.

"The status of West Papua has been explicitly stated by Muhammad Hatta, chairman of the Indonesian delegation, that issue does not need dipersolakan West Irian as a nation of Papua entitled to become an independent nation," he said.

Said bazooka, it is proved by the people of West Papua are not taking part in the Indonesian Youth Pledge October 28th, 1928. (Read: Spokesman KNPB: Mandatory Papua People Commemorate December 1!).

"In youth oath never existed Papuan representatives were present, therefore we never acknowledge one nation, one language, and one whose name homeland of Indonesia," he said.

KNPB also called on representatives of the leaders of the West Papuan struggle to not be selfish and maintain the principles of each, but are looking for the best way for the independence of the people of Papua.

"We are in the country will hold a prayer for a meeting later, unity and national liberation kesatuaan towards West Papua nation we desperately need," said bazooka Logo.

Previously, as written media, the Pasto Nafuki Allan, Chairman of the symposium organizing committee said, about 200 representatives of West Papua will be present at the meeting. (Read: People of West Papua Symposium Held December 1, 2014).

Editor: Oktovianus Pogau



Solidarity with West Papua on 1 December 2014 in Aotearoa New Zealand

Peace Movement Aotearoa

27 November 2014

This message has details of the solidarity events in Aotearoa New Zealand to mark West Papua Independence Day, 1 December – there are four events listed below: one in Christchurch, one in Wellington and two in Auckland. If you are not able to get to one of the solidarity events, but would like to add your voice to those of people all around the world who are calling for justice, peace and self-determination for the people of West Papua, you might like to send a message of solidarity to the people of West Papua – details of how you can do that are at


Details of West Papua solidarity events in Aotearoa New Zealand on 1 December 2014 –
RSVP for the Wellington event –
RSVP for the Oceania Interrupted event in Auckland –
Messages of solidarity for the people of West Papua –

* Christchurch *

When: 1pm on Monday, 1 December. Where: former Pallet Pavilion site (corner of Durham and Kilmore streets).

Newly formed West Papua Action Canterbury invites you to raise the Morning Star flag on Monday 1 December at 1pm at the former Pallet Pavilion site (corner of Durham and Kilmore streets). There will be brief speeches from coordinator Brian Turner and Green MP Catherine Delahunty. December 1 marks the anniversary of West Papuan independence from the Netherlands in 1961. Since Indonesia took over the country in 1963, raising the Morning Star has led to torture, imprisonment and sometimes death. The indigenous people are being pushed further to the edge on their traditional land. Rich in resources, it is being mined and the forests harvested without benefit to Papuans. Papua for Papuans, please join us.

Organised by West Papua Action Canterbury, for more information please contact email bhturner

* Wellington *

When: 1pm on Monday, 1 December. Where: at parliament

You are invited to join us on to fly the Morning Star flag in solidarity with the people of West Papua. West Papua has been occupied by the Indonesian military since it was handed over, against the will of the indigenous population, to Indonesia in 1963. For the past fifty one years, the people of West Papua have been subjected to gross human rights violations including rape, torture, cultural genocide, murder and massacre – more than 100,000 West Papuans have been killed. Many live in exile because it is not safe for them to go home. Multi-national corporations in cahoots with the Indonesian authorities have exploited West Papua’s natural resources to an extraordinary degree. This has caused massive social dislocation, devastation of rain forests, pollution of streams and rivers on which the local people depend for their survival, and serious human rights violations in areas where multinationals operate.

1 December is West Papua Independence Day, this year marking the fifty third anniversary of West Papuan independence from the Netherlands in 1961. In West Papua, people mark Independence Day in a variety of ways, including raising the Morning Star (the West Papuan flag) – despite the threat of arrest and murder. In previous years, the Indonesian military and police have responded with increased violent oppression around this day, arresting and killing those they perceive as pro-independence activists. West Papua Independence Day is marked by solidarity events around the world, including here in Aotearoa New Zealand. We are marking West Papua Independence Day in Wellington on Monday, 1 December, at 1pm at parliament – during the solidarity gathering there will be an opportunity to write a personal message in support of justice, peace and self-determination for West Papua.

Organised by Peace Movement Aotearoa, contact email pma RSVP at

* Auckland *

Oceania Interrupted performance
When: 5pm on Monday, 1 December. Where: on the beach, in front of the playground, Mission Bay, Tamaki Makaurau / Auckland

Oceania Interrupted invites all to come with one heart for a Free West Papua to watch our performance Changing Tides – Free West Papua. Why: because we have one heart for the people of West Papua. What: to be part of the audience that supports the raise the flag on December the 1st, in honour of the quest for West Papuan Independence. Who: all those who come with one heart for a Free West Papua. Bring: some kai / finger food to share and a raincoat as the performance will go ahead rain, hail or shine. Our limited edition Freedom Is … T-shirt will be for sale for a special price of $25, badges will be for sale for $2.

Organised by Oceania Interrupted, for more information please contact email OceaniaInterrupted RSVP at

* Auckland *

Workshop: West Papua Media’s Safe Witness Journalism training, with Nick Chesterfield
When: 6pm to 8pm on Monday, 1 December. Where: WG803, Sir Paul Reeves Building, AUT University, Mayoral Drive, Auckland City

Monday, December 1, 2014, is the 53rd anniversary of West Papua’s independence. On this day in 1961 West Papuans were granted their freedom by the Dutch colonial government – they raised a new national flag and sang a new national anthem. A year later Indonesia launched a colonial invasion, and managed to annex the fledgling nation under a sham "Act of Free Choice". Since then tens of thousands of civilians – almost all of them indigenous tribal people – have been killed.

Nick Chesterfield is a human rights journalist and Safe Witness Journalism trainer who co-founded the clandestine West Papua Media network (partners to the Pacific Media Centre) in 2007. A former human rights and refugee protection field worker, environmental, human security investigator and activist with 18 years of experience across indigenous Melanesia, Chesterfield is one the few non-Papuan journalists to dedicate to breaking the media blackout of West Papua despite lack of funding. He is still currently facing Indonesian espionage and subversion charges for journalist activities in West Papua, connected to the arrest of French journalists in August 2014, and ongoing smuggling of international journalists into West Papua. In the workshop, Nick Chesterfield will be introducing West Papua Media’s Safe Witness Journalism training, and the requirements and opportunities for effective journalism to occur in West Papua, and be supported by the international journalism community.

Organised by the Pacific Media Centre in partnership with West Papua Media and the Asia-Pacific Human Rights Coalition, for further information please contact email dabcede08 or go to The flyer for this event is at

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