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West Papuan issues for President-elect Jokowi

September 17, 2014

Received from the Executive Director of the LP3BP-Manokwari on 16
September, 2014.

During the transition from the government of President Susilo
Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice-President Prof. Budono to the government of
the newly elected President, Ir. H Joko Widodo and Vice-President Drs
Yusuf Kalla, many things are happening relating to composition of the
cabinet of the new president.

According to information received by the LP3BH-Manokwari
(Institute for Research, Study and Development of Legal Aid), the
president-elect is planning to hold a number of meetings in Jakarta
with people from various groups in West Papua.

This is what one would expect and what we all hope is that the
new government will act in accordance with the Constitution of
Indonesia, to heal the sufferings of the Indonesian people, including
the people of the Land of Papua.

We stress that it is important for us to submit proposals to the
newly-elected president regarding the need to prioritise a number of
issues which need to be dealt with in the next five years.

The LP3BH urges the newly-elected president to take early action
for a dialogue between Papua and Indonesia as the way to secure
peace in the Land of Papua.

We also urge the Indonesian Government to give priority to the
many grave human rights violations perpetrated in the past
(1963-1983).as well as violations that have occurred since 1998.

These actions should be based on the stipulations in articles 44
and 45 of Law 21/2001 on Special Autonomy for the Province of Papua as
well as Law 26/2000 on Human Rights Courts, in accordance with
universal values and principles.

A Commission of Truth and Reconciliation should be set up by the
governments of the provinces of Papua and West Papua by ratifying the
draft Regional Regulation (Perdasi), as well as setting up a Human
Rights Court for Papua.

This would ensure that legal action is taken regarding the crimes
committed by the security forces known as the Armed Criminal Gangs
(KKB) in Papua, particularly in the Central Highlands of the Land of
Papua such as Puncak Jaya and Lanny Jaya and other places, as well as
activities by the Indonesian Army (TNI) and Police Force (Polri). This
should be brought before the military courts or civilian courts in
accordance with the laws in force.

Furthermore, there should be a review of the security system and
security policies carried out by the Indonesian Government and the
Indonesian Army and Police Force. This would be in line with the
policy of reform pursued since 1998 within the Army and the Police.

Another very pressing issue is the evaluation of all that occurred
in violation of Law 21/2001 on Special Autonomy for the Province of
Papua, Article 77.

All these things should be dealt with by the Provincial
Government of Papua and the Provincial Government of West Papua, as
well as municipalities, local governments and such agencies a the
DPRP, DPR-PB, MRP and MRP PB., along with all the various other
institutions in the Land of Papua.

The results of the evaluation would contribute towards revising
the Law on Special Autonomy, all of which will help resolve the many
problems that have been the source of the conflict between Papua and
Indonesia for the past fifty years.

If all these actions are undertaken, it will contribute
constructively towards making Papua a Land of Peace in accordance with
social-political, social-cultural and social-economic needs of the
Papuan people as an integral part of the Republic of Indonesia.


Yan Christian Warinussy, Executive-Director of LP3BH.

Translated by Carmel Budiardjo

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