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Incident – many killed – in West Papua: Second section of document about Incidents in Lani Jaya

September 12, 2014

IV. Humanitarian Team set up in Lani Jaya

Following the events in Lani Jaya on 28 July this year, people
living in the districts of Pirime, Makki and Tiom were unable to tend
their gardens and have therefore faced a serious lack of food.
Because of the trauma and fear they have suffered, they are afraid to
go to their gardens to gather food. Moreover, they have no shelter
because their homes have been burnt down by the security forces.

Apart from that, fighting between the security forces and the
TPNPB has continued, with both sides shooting at each other which is
extremely frightening for the population.

Realising how difficult everything had become for the people, we
decided to set up a humanitarian team to help the people. We have been
helping the people with food and other basic necessities, making sure
that assistance is given to both sides of the conflict. It is our firm
intention to help all the victims.

V. Our assistance is aimed at helping all those in Lani Jaya who
have been the victims of acts of violence and human rights violations.
We have also distributed food and clothing to people in several parts
of the district of Lani Jaya. We did the following in pursuit of this

1. We collected donations from various sources in the City of Wamena.
2. We collected donations from all the churches in Wamena.
3. We have distributed everything to the civilian population
without discrimination in the district of Lani Jaya.
4. We have documented all the events that have occurred in the district.

In distributing the food and clothing we received from the
churches, we focussed in particular on eight places, included Indawa
Kampung, Ikanon Kampung as well as several other kampungs. However, we
were unable to help people in several other kampungs.

The things we have distributed include rice, supermi, cooking oil,
salt, soap, vegetables, clothes and other basic necessities.

During the course of these activities, we checked
up on the situation in Lani Jaya on Thursday, 14 August. What we have
discovered is that army troops and police forces arrived in the
district of Lani Jaya. But we not able to say how many troops are

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