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Incident – many killed – in West Papua

September 8, 2014

Received from Network for Rule of Law and Human Rights in the Central Highlands

[NB: This is a long document and will be translated in two parts.

I.  Developments that occurred prior to the incident

    A group of about fifty members of the OPM attacked the police
station  in Pirime on 27 November 2012 when three police officers and
two others were killed, including the local police chief  Rofli

    A  14-year old girl, Arina Tabuni, was shot dead by members of the
elite force. KOPASSUS on 1 July 2013. The military handed over 450
million rupiahs to the family, but nothing has been done to find and
charge the perpetrator.

   An ojek [three-wheel bike] rider called Nasito, 30 years old, was
killed in Dugume Kampung on 17 July 2014. This is thought to have been
perpetrated by members of the Papuan National Liberation Army – TPNPB.
A hunt is under way to find the perpetrators.

II The initial incident:

On 20 July 2014 at 10am, four heavily-armed policemen from Tiom
were seen riding in a Mitsubishi vehicle in the direction of Pirimedan
in the District of Makki, looking for Enden Wanimbo, commander of the
local liberation army. They were in a state of readiness with the
commander mobilising his troops to hunt down the liberation

In order to be in a state of readiness, it is thought that the
police were mobilising heavily-armed forces wearing their uniforms and
they launched an attack against forces of the OPM. Fighting broke out
between the two sides who were shooting at each other. This happened
at around 12.30 in Indawa Kampung, the sub-district of Awinaya
District of Lani Jaya.

During this fight, one policeman was killed and three others were
wounded along the Wamena main road. The Enden Wanimba group seized
four weapons from the police and a large cache of ammunition, then
fled into the forest in the direction of Pirime. The victims were
taken to Wamena to be treated for their injuries.

On 1 August 2014, from 8.30 in the morning till 6.20pm, the police
and the OPM fought each other. During this encounter, a ten-year old
boy, a Christian named Abetnok Wakerwa, was burnt alive in his home
by members of the police and the army. The boy was the son of the
district chief, Bermandus Wakerwa.

Two weeks later on 15 August, the police attacked Nanim Kampung in
the district of Bogonaterjadi and set fire to many people’s homes. The
precise number of the homes burnt down is not known,


Since the incidents that occurred on 28 July in the District of
Lani Jaya, the villages there have become uninhabitable as a result of
which the inhabitants, all of them civilians, have fled into the
forest, seriously traumatised by the fighting between the army/police
and the liberation army. No one has come there to alleviate the
inhabitants and help them get over their trauma.

Meanwhile, members of the local administration have simply
disappeared, with no officials available to help the local people get
over their trauma. Instead of being there to help the people solve
their difficulties, they have all fled. The civilian population have
been left there in a situation which is very unsafe while all basic
activities such as schools, health facilities and economic activities
are at a standstill.

Conditions of the population are extremely bad.They have no food
or clothing because all their homes were burnt down by the army and
the police. They are living in tents while the police and army are
spending all their time hunting down the liberation fighters in order
to be able to crush them.

There have been efforts to resolve the conflict by calling a
meeting between local community leaders and police chiefs. which was
attended by the Bupati [district chief] of Lani Jaya, the commander of
Cenderawasih Regiment, religious leaders and community leaders. The
district leader urged the Church leaders to help organise a dialogue
so as to be able to put a stop to all the fighting. Meanwhile, some
religious leaders, local NGOs and human rights activists have strongly
criticised the Bupati for urging army and police to hunt for and shoot
members of the Enden group.

Translated by Carmel Budiardjo

[End of first part of the translation]

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