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LP3BH protests the arrest of a Papuan a cultural activist

August 26, 2014

Statement received from LP3BH on 24 August 2014

The Institute for Research, Study and Development of Legal Aid
[LP3BH]- Manokwari has strongly condemned the attitude and actions
taken by the chief of police in Papua and the police chief at the
police command in Raja Ampat for unlawfully arresting a Papuan
cultural activist Abner Bastian Wanma (31 years old) on 22nd August
at 23.09 in the night in Waisai, Raja Ampat.

According to information from an LP3BH contact in Waisai, Abner
Bastian Wanma had just completed preparations for a culture show ,
along with members of his group, in readiness for the opening of Sail
Raja Ampat, which was due to take place the next day in Waisai.

It was while he are his colleagues were resting at their
residence that they were suddenly approached by eleven men in civilian
dress. who said that they were from the Research Group of the police
in Raja Ampaat. They arrived on the scene in three Avanza vehicles
from the Research Group of the police in Raja Amapat.

They were under the command of the chief of police and as soon as
they arrived, they started calling the name, Abner Bastian Wanma who
came out of the building, whereupon the police officers grabbed his
hands in front of the building and ordered him to accompany them and
get on their vehicle.

At that moment, the local head of Yenbekaki, Zeth Awom, who had
seen what was going on, turned to the police officer and asked: ‘Why
are you arresting Wanma?’ In reply, the police officer said: ‘We want
to confirm his responsibility by talking to him.’ And as he was
speaking, he walked to his vehicle and left the site of the arrest.’

The action by the local chief of police is in clear violation of
the principle of respecting the human rights of everyone as stipulated
in Law 8/1981 on the Criminal Code and Law 39/1999 on Basic Human
Rights as well as Law 2/2002 on the Indonesian Police Force.

The LP3BH hereby urges the chief of police of Papua to guarantee
the safety and security of the citizen, Abner Bastian Wanma, in
accordance with his rights as guaranteed in the Constitution of the
Republic of Indonesia.

We also call on the police chief of Papua and the local police
chief to unconditionally release Abner Bastian Wanma and dismiss the
chief of police for an taking action that violates Wanma’s
universally acknowledged basic rights .

We also call on the chief of police of Papua to take firm action
against the police chief in Raja Ampat who acted in clear violation of
his rights and committed a violation of
basic human rights.


[Translated by Caarmel Budiardjo]

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