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Vanishing Tribes Update: Success and Opportunity for West Papua?

August 21, 2014

Dear friends,

So far, readers have downloaded the Vanishing Tribes eBook about three hundred times – from West Papua, Indonesia, five Asian and nine European countries, and mostly (by far) from the USA, our key target audience. Worldwide, we’re averaging five to six downloads a day since a few days in the thirties following Victor Mambor’s article in Tabloid Jubi and an earlier boost from Radio New Zealand.

This is great! But can it help tip the odds at a time when new President Jokowi might open things up like President Habibie did in 2000? This may be a promising juncture in Indonesian history and a time when West Papuan activists have greater leverage in the quest for Papuan freedom.

We’re thankful for all your help with the initial launch of Vanishing Tribes. But our request in June for reviews, which are so critical at this stage, resulted in none. To boost readership and make it last, please click on a rating, or even better, write a few words about Vanishing Tribes on any of these four eBook providers’ sites: Amazon, Apple iBooks, Goodreads or Google Play. (Coming soon to Barnes & Noble.)

It just takes a couple of minutes to log in to any (or all) of these eBook providers (don’t start an account if you need to protect your identity) then search for Vanishing Tribes, then post your rating or review. As a sample, here’s one of the two unsolicited reviews we’ve received to date:

This story about a West Papuan girl reveals the real world struggles of the West Papuan people against oppression and violence. An important view inside an issue that is too often overlooked in a place where human rights violations and war crimes go unnoticed. This book is an excellent way to become more informed about this important world issue.

All versions of the illustrated novel can be found through


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