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Jokowi wins re-election; should call for dialogue in Papua

July 14, 2014

Comment by the Executive-Director of LP3BH on 10th July 2014.

The quick count following the presidential election announced by
several Survey Institutions on 7 July showed that Jokowi and his
running mate Jusuf Kalla won the election with a 5 percent margin over
Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa. The official results of the election will be
announced on 22 July.

It is now certain that Jokowi will become the president of Indonesia
for the next five years, 2014 – 2019.

Speaking as a senior lawyer and human rights defender, I call on all
those who struggle for democracy in Indonesia to put pressure on
Jokowi, the forthcoming president and his deputy to declare their
commitment to the principles of peace and security and support a
dialogue between the people of Papua and Indonesia.

This dialogue is extremely important as part of the process of
strengthening democracy and resolving a number of cases of
violations of human rights and social conflicts that occurred during
the past fifty years, all of which have resulted in thousands of
casualties among the civilian population of Papua.

Yan Christian Warinussy , executive-director of the LP3BH and
recipient of the ‘John Humphrey Freedom Award 2005.

Translated by Carmel Budiardjo

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