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West Papua National Coalition for Liberation Update 2 Vol 1

July 9, 2014


Publication of West Papua National Coalition for Liberation,
International Secretariat: 1571 Port Vila, Republic of Vanuatu, Tel. +678 774808, +61414149001 Email:

They have dropped in suddenly then disappeared without a trace

The MSG Foreign Affairs Ministers arrival time in West Papua was a well-kept secret. The people knew that they were already in Jakarta but whether they will visit West Papua and when will they arrive was mystery. Suddenly they were there very early in the morning when everybody is still in bed. Some people rushed to the Sentani Airport which is about 20 kms from the Capital Jayapura and 48 of them were arrested. This will mark one of the highest in political mass arrests in the Territory’s history, a record for MSG. The MSG Mission to West Papua was well rehearsed to avoid any Melanesian traditional welcoming ceremony and any direct discussion with the people. It could have been a historical and spectacular event if they did. The Ministers would have been made heroes. The people have been preparing for them since the visit was announced at the MSG Summit in Noumea, Kanaky/New Caledonia. Many people were emotional with tears that they could not give a respectful welcome to their Melanesian leaders. But this emotional Melanesian connection is just what Jakarta was trying to avoid. As such it is understandable that they followed a prearranged timetable including where to go and whom to meet. But at last they had set foot on the bloodied West Papuan soil and how they were treated with no Melanesian traditional value at all will remain imprinted in their memories for years to come. The welcome present Indonesia had given the Ministers was the arrest of 48 Papuan men, women and youths. A previous Phantom visit to the Territory was by another Pacific leader Hon. Eni Hunkin Valeomavaega, US Congressman from American Samoa. He was a staunch supporter of West Papuan’s right of self-determination and strong critic on how Indonesia treated West Papuans. He too was rushed through without a meaningful discussion with the people. He made a damning report at the US Congress Hearing. This report is accessable on the internet.


Update 2 Vol.1 February 2014

West Papuan Students in Jakarta displayed a banner with a message but, had the MSG Ministers taken notice? These young people together with the others in the MSG countries would one day be future leaders of Melanesia and the history would be their judge as the Late Solomon Mamaloni said, “If our generation does not do any thing about this issue forever future generations will condemn us” (1996).


Initially MSG Ministers wanted to use the opportunity to meet Papuan organizations, leaders and the people or stakeholders. It has been the MSG wish that by having discussions with the stakeholders they would be able to decide on WPNCL application for MSG membership. Vanuatu withdrew from the delegation after it has learned that Jakarta will not allow MSG leaders to visit the places they wanted to see, talk to Papuan organizations, traditional leaders, political prisoners and victims of human right violence, human rights defenders, religious leaders, women and youth organizations ect. These were the main purpose for the MSG request to visit the Territory. But indeed MSG Mission had transited through West Papua and could be forgiven for not meeting the stakeholders. Given these circumstances it would be impossible for the Ministers to ascertain the opinion and wishes of the people. It would be interesting if their report revealed anything at all new apart from the usual monotonous government reports that had nothing at all to do with WPNCL application. The only evidence of support at hand for the application were the 29 members (political) of WPNCL and an additional 75 leaders of none political organizations who sent letters direct to the MSG Secretariat. They did so after having read the content of the application. The 75 leaders were there waiting to talk to the Ministers but did not have the chance to do so. The last group and perhaps the most sensitive in this whole affair is the Military Wing, the TPN. They too sent a Video containing a ceremony where Commanders from different regions pledge their support for the International efforts of WPNCL. TPN/OPM (The Free Papua Movement) is a senior member of the Coaltion.


After the MSG visit there are ramblings about disunity within the West Papuan independence movement. Indonesia would love to see West Papuans stupid enough to fall into this trap. You only offer yourself a perfect target to be wiped out. During the past 50 years of struggle we have learned the ups and downs of UNITY. You are united either to be bought or slaughtered. But we came out brilliant with the solution and that is the WPNCL. An umbrella body, just like the FLNKS of Kanaky/New Caledonia we could only work together on one agenda for independence but maintain our own organizations. This is our unity, UNITY OF PURPOSE. Members can continue taking action following their own strategies that falls into the same agenda under the umbrella body. WPNCL and members can only facilitate a transparent process but in the end it will be the whole West Papuan people who will decide in a referendum. Because according to International humanitarian law, “the right of self-determination belongs to the people.” Governments and organizations only have limited institutional right. Perfect organizational unity can only happen in the old Communist Bloc or other dictatorial regimes including Suharto of Indonesia. In free societies, freedom of association is one of the pillars of democracy. But indeed currently Indonesia had maintained some bogus organizations outside of WPNCL to keep our people spending more time fighting among ourselves. They brought these groups to the MSG Summit as window dressing to mislead Melanesian leaders. We knew that and we are happy that Vanuatu who had been with our Movement and Kanaky for a long time could understand our position. In 1999 the first civilian President of Indonesia Dr. H. Habibie invited 100 West Papuan leaders to Jakarta for dialogue (in his terms) on how to resolve the West Papuan issue. Beyond his expectation these leaders told him that they want to dialogue on rectirfying the process that made West Papua part of Indonesia. In other words they challenged the results of the so called act of free choice of Page | 3 1969. He sent them back to consult widely to find out whether the whole population share the same concern. So they did, but by then Habibie was replaced by Dr. Abdulrahman Wahid (Gusdur) who offered to finance the consultation. Within 6 moths they hold the 2000 West Papuan peoples Congress (June 2000) in the Capital Jayapura, the first ever political gathering under occupation. Some 3000 representatives from all over West Papua attended the Congress. Out of these 500 members were elected to serve in a Council Presidium (PDP) Chaired by veteran Theys Elluay. In July on Vanuatu request the Late Theys Elluay led a PDP delegation to Vanuatu to meet with the leaders of OPM where a MOU was signed to work together. With this strong unity of purpose the former Hon. Prime Minister Barak T. Sope Maautamate invited them to join his delegation to the historic Millennium Summit in New York. In the 6 men Vanuatu delegation to the UNGA there were 3 Ni- Vanuatu and 3 West Papuans. The whole of West Papua including Indonesia knew that. The consequence of this grand unity of purpose between PDP and veteran OPM was serious indeed for the Indonesian ultra nationalists. The following year the Cahairman of PDP, Chief Theys Elluay was assassinated. His Driver disappeared after reported himself to the Military. Until today nobody knows his whereabout; may be 6 feets in the ground. The whole leadership of PDP was incapacitated through threats of death and intimidation; some had served jail terms. It was a temporary setback. Confronted with this new situation the indepencence movement began to search for a new strategy. After many consultations and Leaders Summits the West Papua National Coaltion for Liberation was established in Vanutu in April 2008. Its’ International Secretariat is based here.

. At long last MSG decided on something that the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and the Churches in the Pacific had been asking for a long time. When the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon told them in Auckland, Aotearoa in 2011 that West Papua is an issue and the right place for it to be discussed is the Decolonization Committee of the UN General Assembly they all hoped that the governments in the region will act on it accordingly. After MSG decision to recognize the inalienable right of self-determination of West Papuan people the road to the UNGA and ICJ is wide open. .

West Papua Papua New Guinea



UN archives, diplomatic notes and history books speak volumes of how innocent West Papuans were sold down the drain to stop the Communists to have a foothold in the Pacific. If the Dutch did not succumbed to President J.F.Kenedy’s demand and war brokeout in the Pacific there could have been serious confrontation between the Super Powers even World War 3. Sukarno was not bluffing he was about to mobilize the 20 million members of his Communist Party to take West Papua by force. We all know what happened to the Communit Party after that shameful episode on West Papua. But that is all in the past; Indonesia is now a democratic country that must uphold UN Conventions. President B.J. Habibie had restored Indonesia’s image and credibility by resolveing the East Timor issue. The world must persuade President S.B.Yudhoyono to do the same for West Papua. Special Autonomy will never satisfy West Papuan people’s demand for independence. President; S.B.Y has nothing to lose it is the end of his term of Presidency; he could solve the issue while he has the World approbation on Aceh.

AN INCLUSSIVE MELANESIA? [Greek for Black Islands]

Just say Yes !! For your own sake Kanaky


West Papuan delegation ready for the opening of the 19th MSG Summit in Noumea, Kanaky/New Caledonia


MSG was born out of a frustrating situation where Melanesian leaders were very concerned about the spiraling violence in Kanaky/New Caledonia but could not convice the Pacific Islands Forum to recognize the urgency of doing something about it. It was only after the establishment of the MSG that they were able to find a peaceful solution to the issue.The creation of MSG by these leaders as a collective means to resolve issues of common concern will always be remembered as a wise and responsible act in consideration for fellow Melanesians. That act was a true Melanesian spirit where one brother will stad by another brother at times of need. In the same spirit of fraternal bond they stood by Fiji during the time when it was isolated by boycott. The current support for West Papua will go down in history as one of the issues that regardless of its complex nature in the true Melanesian spirit leaders decided they cannot walk away from it. It is high time for MSG to follow through with its decision the same way as what they did for Kanaky by taking the case to the United Nations General Assembly also as indicated by UN Secretary General Hon. Ban Ki- Moon when he said, “West Papua is an issue; the right place it to be discussed is the Decolonization Committee of the Unted Nations General Assembly.” He even elaborated that he can only act on it if member countries take it up to the UN. (Auckland, 7 Sept. 2011) The situation in West Papua is very much the same as the situation of Kosovo and South Sudan. Leaving it as it is hoping that things will improve over time is the surest way of speeding up genocide as indicated by the Social Scientists and the former Rapporteur on Genocide prevention, Juan Mendez. Indonesia had put itself in a situation where it cannot resolve serious human rights violations as recommended by the UN Human Rights Periodical Review of 2008, 2012 and 2013 simply because the cases are verymuch connected with the Papuans demand for independence. Indonesia itself is trying to get out of the mess it has had inflicted upon itself but the ultra nationalists still could not accept the fact that the issue was part and parcel of Suharto’s dictatorship. Like East Timor, the issue could be resolved as part of its reform and democratization process. Indonesia must rectify Suharto’s breaches of International law. It has done so for East Timor; surely there is no reason why it cannot do it again for West Papua. Relationship with independent East Timor is an end in itself. But for independent West Papua there is much more Indonesia could gain from Melanesia and the rest of the Pacific. Indonesia must stop shooting itself in the foot and embrace the dynamic spirit of enlightment and cooperation; the paragimn of new World order that the modern World is embracing. MSG must persuade the UNGA to end the violence now. In his Millennium address the former Vanuatu Prime Minister Hon. Barak T. Sope Maautamate pose the question that must also apply to the MSG leaders, ‘HOW MANY MORE PAPUANS HAVE TO DIE BEFORE WE CAN ACT?”

“No right existed anywhere to hand people about from sovereignty to sovereignty as if they were property in a game.” [Thomas Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States of America, 11 February 1917]

“You are like a lost son returing to his own family.”

(Victor Tutugoro, current Chairman of MSG when addressing WPNCL)


Your dedication and commitment to West Papuan people’s plight is truly remarkable. May God continue to bless you with wisdom and good health to achieve more not only for West Papua but also for the Pacific and Humanity.

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