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Democracy Now: U.S. Journalist Allan Nairn Threatened with Arrest in Indonesia

June 26, 2014

also The Jakarta Globe: US Journo’s 2001 ‘Off the Record’ Prabowo Interview Details Indonesia ‘Not Ready for Democracy’

Democracy Now!


U.S. Journalist Allan Nairn Threatened with Arrest in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the campaign of a leading presidential candidate and former military general has threatened to arrest the American journalist Allan Nairn. Nairn wrote an article quoting from a 2001 interview he conducted with the former general, Prabowo Subianto, who said: "Indonesia is not ready for democracy" and needs "a benign authoritarian regime." He also added: "Do I have the guts, am I ready to be called a fascist dictator?" Nairn’s story has become an issue in the Indonesian presidential campaign and has put the former general on the defensive. It coincides with outrage over the release of a music video made by Prabowo supporters showing them in Nazi-like uniforms. A spokesperson for Prabowo’s campaign said the military is prepared to arrest Nairn if he is found to have re-entered Indonesia. On his website, Nairn said: "I am currently in Indonesia so if the [army] would like to capture me, they can." Nairn has reported from Indonesia for years, previously exposing government killings of civilians.

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