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News: “Do I have the guts, ” Prabowo asked, “am I ready to be called a facist dictator?”

June 25, 2014

SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 2014,

News: "Do I have the guts," Prabowo asked, "am I ready to be called a
facist dictator?"

By Allan Nairn

On July 9 the world’s fourth most populous country, Indonesia, will
hold an election that could result in General Prabowo Subianto
becoming president.

General Prabowo, the brother of a billionaire, was the son-in-law of
the dictator Suharto, and as a US trainee and protege was implicated
in torture, kidnap and mass murder.

In June and July, 2001 I had two long meetings with Prabowo.

We met at his corporate office in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta.

I offered Prabowo anonymity.

I was looking into recent murders apparently involving the Indonesian
army, and was hoping that if he could speak off-the-record General
Prabowo might divulge details.

I came away disappointed. Prabowo shed little light those killings.

But we ended up speaking for nearly four hours.

My impression then was that his comments were extraneous.

Prabowo talked about facism, democracy, army massacre policy, and his long, close relationship with the Pentagon and US intelligence.

But at that time he was out of power and in political isolation. Other
generals were the threat.

But now Prabowo is on the verge of assuming state power. And looking back at my notes I realize that some of what he said has now become relevant.

I have contacted General Prabowo asking permission to discuss his
comments publicly, but not having heard back from him have decided to go ahead anyway.

I think the harm of breaking my anonymity promise to the General is
outweighed by what would be the greater harm of Indonesians going to the polls having been denied access to facts they might find

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