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April 30, 2014

Indonesia is typically behaving like a colonial power in West Papua and is now causing widespread impoverishment of the Papuan people. The aim is to make way for many more thousands of Indonesians to settle in West Papua and continue to further strengthen their grip and control of the Papuan economy while Papuans are deprived of their most basic needs.

For Jakarta, West Papua provides vast amounts of revenue from the exploitation of Papua’s abundant natural resources while the rightful owners are left with virtually nothing.

How can Papuan women earn the money they desperately need to provide the basic necessities for their children – food, clothing, education and healthcare?

US companies like Freeport have for years been reaping huge benefits from Papua’s natural resources without a care for how this deprives the Papuan people of their right to a decent standard of living.

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Papuan women traders at Kajase Market (Jubi)

South Sorong , 28/4 ( Jubi ) – Papuan women traders have been banned from selling their goods at Kajase market, with shops now dominated by non- Papuans, their representative said.

A representative of Maybrat women, Wensi Safakaur said that they are disappointed because they feel treated like strangers on their own land.
“We are very sad and disappointed at Papuan officials in this district. How dare, non- Papuans expel the Papuans. It is unacceptable. I hope the local Papuan officials will take action on this matter and do not close their eyes ” she said.

She said most Papuan women traders sell typical Papuan crops such as taro, sweet potatoes, cassava , bananas , vegetables and fishery products. They have been selling at the market since 2002 when South Sorong regency was established.

Previously, there was a dispute between Papua women and non- Papuan traders, who claimed to have bought the area from the Revenue Office .

Now , some Papuan women traders are forced to sell their crops in the driveway of Kajase Market . (Jubi / Nees/ Tina)

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