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Provocations by the security forces during the 9th April Elections

April 16, 2014

Elsham News Service, 11 April 2014

A few days before the general elections for members of the
legislative assemblies at the national, regional and local levels were
held, the conflict situation in Papua intensified sharply. Morning
star flags were unfurled and there was an exchange of fire between
the Indonesian army-police (TNI/Polri) and armed civilian groups.

Subsequently, on the day of the elections which fell on 9th April,
two terror incidents occurred, one in FakFak and one in Paniai.


The coordinator of the Elsham Contact Post in FakFak reported by
phone that on Wednesday, 9th April at 5 am, poorly made morning star
flags were unfurled in several places. The first of these flags were
unfurled near the TK Yapis (Centre for Muslim Children’s Education)
along Jalan Sutoyo near the Almunawarah Mosque in the district of
FakFak, while other poorly made flags were unfurled under a nangka
tree in Jalan Brawijaya. Other flags were discovered near the state
secondary school in Kokas, district of FakFak.

The leaders of the Almunawarah Mosque later came out, pulled the
flags down and handed them over to the police in FakFak. Up to this
day, no one has claimed responsibility for unfurling these amateurish
flags in FakFak.


A report was received from Paniai on 9th April at 11.30 am that a
helicopter was flying above the Weyadide valley in Paniai, Enarotali.
The helicopter flew above the former location of the headquarters of
the OPM group led by Tadius Yogi which had been burnt down by troops
of the TNI/Polri on 13th December 2011. The helicopter did not land
in Eduda but was seen flying above the kampungs of Yegemei and Yagiyo
and then flew away towards Enarotali above the District of Bibibe
along the Weya River.

The people living the places above which the helicopters had flown
were extremely upset when this happened. They still remembered what
the chief of police in Paniai had said in the aftermath of the attack
on the OPM headquarters in Eduda. He warned the people not to supply
any food or other provisions to members of the OPM or give them
permission to rebuild their headquarters in the vicinity of the
kampungs in Wegamo. He warned the inhabitants that if they ignored his
warning, he would order his troops to carry out operations in the area
to destroy the OPM there.

[Translated by Carmel Budiardjo]

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