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Grave human rights abuses in Papua must be considered by courts of law

April 7, 2014

Statement by Yan Christian Warinussy, Executive-Director of LP3BP on 7
April 2014

Speaking as a human rights defender working in the Land of Papua, I
urge the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) in Jakarta to
immediately investigate the maltreatment and torture by members of the
Indonesian police of Yali Wenda (20) and Alvares Kapissa (25) on 2
April. Such actions are regarded as being grave human rights
violations as stated in Article 9 (f) of Law 26/2000 on Human Rights
Courts and the most serious form of human rights violations according
to the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and
Degrading Treatment.

As a recipient of the John Humphreys Freedom Award 2005 in Canada,
I call on the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to place this case of
treatment of the two students both of whom are civilians on its agenda
for discussion and the adoption of a resolution regarding the
government of Indonesia in its session in May this year.

The Secretary General of the United Nations should also press the
Indonesian government to allow his Special Representative on
Maltreatment and Torture to enter the Land of Papua in order to ensure
that this case is handled transparently and in accordance with the
mechanisms and principles of international law.

As Executive Director of the LP3BH Manokwari, I call on the
international community, in particular the governments of the members
of the European Union to review the bilateral accords on co-operation
which they have entered into with Indonesia, in the context of
developmental activity in the Land of Papua.

Respect for human rights is regarded as the foremost feature of
law in any bilateral accord between state members of the European
Union and other countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States
of America, New Zealand and Japan and Indonesia.

The LP3BH also urges the Government of Indonesia to give
unfettered access to the Land of Papua to Amnesty International, Human
Rights Watch and the International Crisis Group to investigate the
current state of human rights in the Land of Papua and what may happen
there in the future.


[Translated by Carmel Budiardjo]

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