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Vanuatu’s New UN Ambassador Vows To Relentlessly Pursue Priorities

April 4, 2014

Tevi vows to fight for West Papua, human rights, and climate change

By Godwin Ligo

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, April 3, 2014) – The newly appointed Vanuatu Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Odo Tevi, has vowed that he will continue to pursue the issues of West Papua and the human rights, Matthew and Hunter Islands, the climate change and other Vanuatu agenda with the UN once he takes up his position in New York.

Ambassador Tevi vowed before the Head of State, Iolu Abil, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Edward Natapei, Vanuatu Foreign Affairs and senior government officials and families that he will keep the present momentum built by the present government with the United Nations (UN) in New York.

"I will work closely with the present Government of Prime Minister Moana Carcasses and keep up the momentum already established with the United Nations that Vanuatu wish to see accomplished such as the issues of West Papua, the Human Right issue and the Climate Change, especially in regard to the effect it has on smaller Pacific Island countries," said the newly appointed Vanuatu Ambassador shortly after receiving his letter of credence from the Head of State and following an oath of allegiance he took that was supervised by the Attorney General Ishmael Kalsakau. He vowed that the UN will hear Vanuatu’s voice over and over again on these issues.

In his short remarks, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Odo Tevi, pledged his support to the Government and the people of Vanuatu to do his best in serving his country and people in the United Nations. He said it is his Prayers that he will perform his duties with pride and hope for and on behalf of the government and the people of Vanuatu with his ability and integrity.

"No one knows everything nor can do everything as in our customs. However, I assure the Head of State and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs that I will not involve myself in such issues as sales of passport and or such other issues and I say this from the bottom of my heart. I accept my appointment to work with the Government of the day and to uphold the integrity of the nation and her people. Long Live Vanuatu," newly Vanuatu Ambassador Tevi gave his assurance to the Head of State, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister, the Government and the People of Vanuatu.

Prior to Ambassador Tevi’s remark, President Abbil stated in his short remarks that he has every confidence and trust in Ambassador Tevi in his new appointment.

"You possess the quality, the value and the trust for the job you are about to undertake in New York. I have confidence and trust in you which will reflect the duties you are expected to carry out at the UN which is a large organization in the world. You will carry out you duties as entrusted to you today. The image of this country will be reflected in your work. At the same time, we do not want you to be involved in the sale passports and the related issues. Protect the integrity of the country and our people because Vanuatu has voted Vanuatu again as the happiest in the world and so protect the nation’s image and integrity," President Abbil cautioned.

Ambassador Tevi is 41 years old. He was born in 1973 and is married with one son and two daughters.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and went to receive his Master of Arts in Development Economics from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom. He is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GACD).

Tevi occupied the position of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu for 10 years and represented Vanuatu in numerous international and regional conferences in which he presented position papers in many of these international and regional meetings that involve policy directions.

He told Daily Post after receiving his letter of credence from the Head State that the people of Vanuatu, especially the young generation, must not stop to pursue their goals of high attainments.

"My call to the young generation and even to the people of Vanuatu in all works of life is to aim high and continue to go forward for what you believe you can do for your country, your families and yourself,"

Vanuatu’s new UN Ambassador encouraged the people of Vanuatu as he prepares to take on the challenges in New York shortly.

Mr Tevi took up the post after turning down an offer from the Asian Development Bank.

He replaces former Ambassador Donald Kalpokas.

Vanuatu Daily Post

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