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LP3BH supports the speech by Vanuatu at the UN Human Rights Counsel

March 12, 2014

The Institute for the Investigation, Verification and Support of Human Rights – Manokwari, one of the civil society organisations which supports Civil Society organisations, strongly supports the speech made by Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Moana Carcessess Kalosil at the United Nations in which he spoke about the many cases of systematic violation of grave human rights in the Land of Papua.

The leader of the state of Vanuatu delivered the speech at the UN Human Rights Council at its 25th session which was held in Geneva, Switzerland.

The LP3BH fully supports the follow-up actions which were called for by the senior representative of the government of Vanuatu because it is clear that the Indonesian government does not have the political will to make possible a resolution of the many human rights violations which have been perpetrated in the Land of Papua for the last fifty years, ever since the Papuan people were integrated into the Republic of Indonesia.

No-one can deny that the response by the Ambassador of Indonesia, Tri Wibowo, at the Council meeting made it absolutely clear that he totally rejects the speech by the Vanuatu government. The Indonesian representative made it clear that he rejects the remarks made by Vanuatu and he failed to present any facts that would have supported this very important statement about the violation of human rights in West Papua.

This is because Papua’s integration into Indonesia has always aroused protest and heated discussion among the Papuan people, in particular the indigenous Papuan people, regarding what has been happening for the past fifty years.

And even now, everything that the Indonesian military and police have been doing shows that the security forces continue to perpetrate systematic violence and brutality against the Papuan people throughout the provinces of Papua and West Papua.

Nothing has been done to resolve these cases in accordance with the mechanisms stipulated in Law 39/1999 on Basic Human Rights and Law 26/2000 on Human Rights Courts., as well as Law 21/2001 on Special Autonomy for Papua, especially in paragraphs 44, 45 and 46.

This makes it clear that the call by the Prime Minister of Vanuatu for the issue of basic human rights in the Land of Papua must be raised again at the United Nations and put on the agenda of the Human Rights Council by drafting a resolution that deals with the human rights situation in West Papua which could win the support of people throughout the world, including the Indonesian Government, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the US Government.

This is why the appeal made by the Prime Minister of Vanuatu Moana Carcessess can guarantee that investigations to study the violation of basic human rights can get the support of customary peoples including the indigenous people of West Papua.

The LP3BH therefore declares that it will make every effort to gather together all the information that is currently available about the violation of basic human rights that have been perpetrated since 1963 to be presented to the UN Human Rights Council as an important step to ensure that there is a comprehensive resolution of the issue of the violation of basic human rights in the Land of Papua although no progress has been made for the past fifty years.

[Translated by Carmel Budiardjo]

[NB: In some places, this translation strayed slightly from the text, so as to ensure that the meaning is clear to the reader.]

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