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Armed conflict between TNPB and security forces

February 8, 2014

Report by WPNA – West Papua National Authority

According to a report from eye witnesses, there was an armed conflict between fighters from the TNPB and criminal gangs from the security forces – TNI/Army – and Polri – Police Force on 1 February 2014 in Sasawa Kampun, the headquarters of the TNPB. It began when forces in a joint patrol of the TNI/Polri entered the TNPB headquarters and opened fire, shooting from many directions. The attack came from sea, land and air. The security forces consisted of 15 trucks, 4 speedboats and 2 patrol vehicles.The security forces also forced the inhabitants of Kamanap Kampung and Kanawa Kampungs to show them the way to the TNPB headquarters, hitting and torturing them and threatening that they would be shot dead if they failed to comply, all of which terrified the villagers.

The criminal security forces included troops from Brimob, the Police Forces in Papua, water-based police and troops from the Siliwangi battalion.

A few minutes later, the criminal security forces took control of Sasawa Kampung and arrested ten people who are now being held at the police post. One TNPB member was shot dead and three members of the security forces were wounded. The inhabitants of the kampung fled into the forest.

The leaders of the TNPB and a number of delegates who were attending a TNPB conference moved to a place of sanctuary.

The criminal security forces set fire to the home of Fernando Worabay , searched the homes of the kampung inhabitants and confiscated a lot of their equipment such as knives, bows and arrows.

In response to the statements made by the police and other security forces, we declare:

1. The criminal forces of the army and police planned to attack the headquarters of the TNPB attacking them from three directions and by so doing they set in motion a prolonged conflict in West Papua.

2. The joint TNI/Polri security forces used speedboats from which they opened fire on the local community,which is why the TNPB responded , leading to an armed conflict.

3. The criminal forces of the army and police were acting under the command of the military commander and police chief of Serui, beating and torturing the inhabitants of the Kamanap, Kanawa and Sasawa kampungs.

The criminal forces of the army and police used violence , intimidation and terror and killed civilian Papuans living in West Papua as well as fighters of the genuine forces of the Land of Papua.

Meanwhile more troops from the criminal army and police have arrived in Biak and Serui.

We need advocacy to protect the civilian inhabitants of these kampungs who have been subjected to torture from the security forces. These people are still hiding in the forests for protection against the criminal TNI and Polri forces.

[Translated by Carmel Budiardjo]

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