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Urgent Appeal: Call for the release of Biak prisoners

December 6, 2013

via Tapol

Urgent Appeal: Call for the release of Biak prisoners

Papuan political prisoner Yohanes Boseren, currently on trial in Biak, is suffering from mental health problems thought to be related to the heavy beating he suffered when he was arrested. Human rights lawyers are calling for his immediate release and for him to be given the medical treatment he urgently needs.

Yohanes Boseren was arrested with five other men – Oktovianus Warnares, Yoseph Arwakon, Markus Sawias, George Syors Simyapen and Jantje Wamaer – on 1 May 2013 during a peaceful flag-raising ceremony in Biak to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the administrative transfer of Papua to Indonesia in 1963. The six men are being tried for treason under Article 106 of the Indonesian Criminal Code and possession of ammunitions and explosives under the Emergency Law 12/1951. Local activists report that incriminating evidence was planted by police authorities during the course of the two-month investigation period.

Yohanes Boseren has developed mental health problems since his detention. Although he received some treatment at a mental hospital, he has since been returned to Biak prison.

Please call, fax or write to the Indonesian authorities listed below, using the sample letter below, urging them to:

· Order the immediate and unconditional release of Yohanes Boseren and ensure that he receives proper medical treatment for his illness.
· Drop all charges against the remaining five Biak political prisoners and order their immediate release.

Please also share this Urgent Appeal, also available in Indonesian, by email or social media – actions like this have been proved to make a difference for political prisoners in Papua.


Biak State Court
Pengadilan Negeri Biak, JI. Majapahit No. 1, Biak 98117, Papua, Indonesia
Tel +62 (0) 981 21847
Fax +62 (0) 981 21958

Biak State Prosecutor
Kejaksaan Negeri Biak, Kejaksaan Negeri Biak, Jl. Sisingamangaraja, Biak, Papua, Indonesia
Tel +62 (0) 981 21079

Biak Prison
Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Biak, Jl Condronegoro Samofa, Biak,
Tel +62 (0) 981 25715

Copy to:

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights
Amir Syamsuddin
Minister for Justice and Human Rights
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav No. 4-5
Jakarta Selatan 12950
Tel +62 (0) 21 5252975
Fax +62 (0) 21 5252975

Chair of the High Court
Ketua Mahkamah Agung Republik Indonesia
Jl. Medan Merdeka Utara No. 9-13
Tromol pos No. 1020
Jakarta 10010

Chair of the Judicial Commission
Ketua Komisi Judisial Republik Indonesia di Jakarta
Jl. Abdul Muis No. 8 Gedung ITC Lantai 5
Jakarta Pusat, Po Box 2685
Tel +62 (0) 21 3865661
Fax +62 (0) 21 3863147

Chair of the Jayapura High Court
Ketua Pengadilan Tinggi Jayapura
Jl. Tanjung Ria No. 98 Base “G”
Jayapura 99117
Tel +62 (0) 967 541045 / 541443

Head of the Papua High Prosecutor’s Office
Kepala Kejaksaan Tinggi Papua di Jayapura
Jl. Anggrek No.6 Tanjung Ria
Tel +62 (0) 967 542764 / 541130

Regional Office for the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Papua province
Kepala Kantor Wilayah Kementrian Hukum dan HAM Propinsi Papua di Jayapura
Jln. Raya Abepura No. 37, Kotaraja, Jayapura,
Tel +62 (0) 967 586147
Faks +62 (0) 967 586112

Thank you for taking action to support Papuan political prisoners

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