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Indonesia keeps violating war and international humanitarian law regarding forced disappearances

December 2, 2013


Address: FSC – UNTL Campos; Contacts: +670 776 156 35;
Email: fausthynnoangker

November 28, 2031

Press conference

Indonesia keeps violating war and international humanitarian law regarding forced disappearances

This movement was established by the university students who are concerned about the serious crimes committed by the Indonesian soldiers from 1975 – 1999. The first rally of this movement was held on 2002 during the time where the government demobilized the FALINTIL in Dili, Timor-Leste. The main purpose was to urge both Indonesian and Timorese government to be serious in searching those who were secretly abducted by the Indonesian soldiers. Besides, we also insist the justice for the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by the Indonesian army. Even though, the FALINTIL had been demobilized but those who were abducted have not been found so far.

This year, the government celebrates unilateral proclamation of independence by FRETILIN in 1975. This celebration takes place in kraras, the place where a huge massacre took place in 1983 which is now also known as “the place of the widows”. The Indonesian army was led by the then head of KOPASSUS Prabowo Subianto killed and abducted many Timorese men. Many survivors have testified about the massacre and some scenes now depicted in the movie “Guerra de Beatriz”.

On 8th of August 1983, the Indonesian army with the heads of KOPASSANDHA in Viqueque “Kodim” (An abbreviation for District military command), battalion 328, 501, 745 and the HANSIP killed more than 200 people in Kraras, most are men who were coming from different villages from September – October 1983.

In numerous massacres including Kraras massacre, the Indonesian army committed serious human rights violation such as torture, killings, sexual violence, and abduction. During the Indonesian occupation, there were approximately 18,600-200,000 people got abducted.

Indonesian army also killed and abducted many combatants and civilians who surrendered or captured from 1978 -1979. On 15th of July 1997, the Indonesian army units; the KODIM, the SAKA team and KOPASSUS captured the FALINTIL Commander David Alex “Daitula” in Baucau. On June, Remigio Levi da Costa Tilman alias Metan and Pedro Nunes Kery Laran Sabalae were abducted. Just after the referendum in 1999, Mahudu rankadalak disappeared in Kupang. All of these combatants were captured or abducted by the Indonesian army wherein until now they have not been found.

Indonesia is a signatory state of Geneva Convention even before the invasion. However, they violated the principles of Geneva Convention in Timor-Leste. Also as a member of the United Nations, Indonesia ignored its obligations to abide the principles of the UN.

With the above mentioned facts, we insist the following:

1. We urge the Indonesian government to hand military operation-related documents during the occupation to the government of Timor-Leste and the international community.

2. We ask the countries who supported the illegal invasion of Timor-Leste and benefited during Indonesian occupation to give immediate apology to the people of Timor-Leste.

3. We ask the government of all UN-member countries to deny visas for the criminals whose names are listed in the serious crimes committed in Timor-Leste

4. We ask US government, UK, France, Australia and others who supported the occupation to help Timorese government to put pressure on Indonesia to return remains of Nicolau lobato, and to show whereabouts of Falintil commander “Daitula”, Mahudu, Alex, Sabalae, and other enforced disappearances.

5. If Indonesian government does not have will to process these cases, then there should international tribunal to try those criminals who are still free in Indonesia.

6. We urge both Timorese and Indonesia government to work together in searching the enforced disappearances be it civilian or the combatants

7. We also ask the Timorese people, international activists and religious communities to help in searching those who were abducted and have never been found so far.

That’s all and thanks for your cooperation. Any clarification please feels free to reach us via different contacts provided above.

Francelino Antonio Ximenes
The Spokesperson

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