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Open letter to Dutch Min. of FA about the 1 st May crackdown in Papua

May 3, 2013

Pro Papua wrote an open letter to the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans
Timmermans about the 1 May ‘crackdown’ in Papua.

The minister of Foreign Affairs
Drs. F.C.G.M. Timmermans
Postbox 20061
2500 EB The Hague

Date: 3 May 2013
Concerns: open letter ‘crackdown’ May 1 demonstrations Papua
Our ref. : 2013/0503/02/kj
Your ref.: Indonesia-Papua

Dear minister Timmermans,

Foundation Pro Papua strongly asks you to note and condemn the Indonesian
Government security forces assault on peaceful May 1 demonstrations by
Papuans. Widespread non-violent Papuan demonstrations commemorating the 50th
anniversary of Indonesia’s coercive annexation of West Papua in 1963 were met
with security force brutality resulting in the killing of two Papuans and the
wounding and detention of many more.

UN Human Rights Commissioner Pillay’s May 2 statement* regarding the violence
expressed "serious concern" over the "crackdown." The statement cited UN Human
Rights High Commissioner as stating: "These latest incidents are unfortunate
examples of the on-going suppression of freedom of expression and excessive
use of force in Papua. I urge the Government of Indonesia to allow peaceful
protest and hold accountable those involved in abuses.”

Pro Papua, noting the close relations between The Hague and Jakarta call on
the Dutch Government to press the Indonesian Government to end its suppression
of freedom of speech in West Papua and to hold accountable before

civilian courts those responsible for violence against civilian demonstrators.

We think that you should also press the Indonesian Government to allow visits
by UN Human Rights Special Rapporteurs, as the Indonesian Government agreed to
do in late 2012.

On behalf of Foundation Pro Papua,
with kind regards,

Koen J. de Jager


Attachment: article The Jakarta Globe May 3, 2013
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